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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 70, Number 2 (1999)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Use of Radar For Monitoring Colonial Burrow-Nesting Seabirds. 145-157.
D. F. Bertram, L. Cowen, A. E. Burger
A Remotely Operated Trap For American Kestrels Using Nestboxes. 158-162.
Laura Plice, Thomas G. Balgooyen
The in fluence of Audio-Lures On Capture Patterns of Migrant Northern Saw-Whet Owls. 163-168.
David M. Whalen, Bryan D. Watts
Methods For Live Trapping Houbara Bustards. 169-181.
Philip J. Seddon, Frederic Launay, Yolanda Van Heezik, Mohamed Al Bowardi
Cowbird Parasitism On Lark Buntings: Frequency, Acceptance, and Fledging. 182-186.
Spencer G. Sealy
The Use of Satellite Telemetry To Track Greater Snow Geese. 187-199.
Evaluation of Bursal Depth As an in dicator of Age Class of Harlequin Ducks. 200-205.
Danielle D. Mather, Daniel Esler
Sex Determination of Great Black-Backed Gulls Using Morphometric Characters. 206-210.
Kim Mawhinney, Tony Diamond
Willow Flycatcher Nest Reuse in Arizona. 211-213.
Helen K. Yard, Bryan T. Brown
Using Body Size To Estimate Gosling Age. 214-229.
E. G. Cooch, A. Dzubin, R. F. Rockwell
Habitat Composition of Mauritius Kestrel Home Ranges. 230-235.
Jo Ellen Carter, Michael Hunt Jones
Ultraviolet Reflectance of Colored Plastic Leg Bands. 236-243.
Kevin J. Mcgraw, Geoffrey E. Hill, Amber J. Keyser
Loss From Harlequin Ducks of Abdominally Implanted Radio Transmitters Equipped With Percutaneous Antennas. 244-250.
Daniel M. Mulcahy, Daniel Esler, Michael K. Stoskopf
A Trough-Blind For Capturing Cranes. 251-256.
Martin J. Folk, James A. Schmidt, Stephen A. Nesbitt
Do Predation Rates On Artificial Nests Accurately Reflect Predation Rates On Natural Bird Nests?. 257-262.
David I. King, Richard M. Degraaf, Curtice R. Griffin, Thomas J. Maier
Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism of Wood Thrush Nests in Eastern Texas. 263-267.
N. Ross Carrie
Within-Year Survival Patterns of Snail Kites in Florida. 268-275.
Robert E. Bennetts, Wiley M. Kitchens
A Trap Design For Capturing in dividual Birds At the Nest. 276-282.
Douglas W. Mock, P. L. Schwagmeyer, Jennifer A. Gieg
Recent Literature. 283-295.

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