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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 69, Number 3 (1998)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


An Easy, in expensive Means To Quantify Plumage Coloration. 353-363.
Geoffrey E. Hill
Adult Brood Parasites Feeding Nestlings and Fledglings of Their Own Species: a Review. 364-375.
Janice C. Lorenzana, Spencer G. Sealy
Interactions Between European Starlings and Lewis' Woodpeckers At Nest Cavities. 376-379.
Kerri T. Vierling
North American Loon Fund Grants. 379.
Trap Type Can Bias Estimates of Sex Ratio. 380-385.
J. Dom
Latitudinal Variation in Sex Ratios of Belted Kingfishers. 386-390.
Jeffrey F. Kelly
Breeding Ecology of in terior Least Terns On the Unregulated Yellowstone River, Montana. 391-401.
Lynn M. Bacon, Jay J. Rotella
Winter Bird Communities On San Salvador, Bahamas. 402-414.
Michael T. Murphy, Kerri L. Cornell, Karmel L. Murphy
Diet of Nestling Guadeloupe Woodpeckers. 415-418.
Pascal Villard, Claudie Pavis
Prey Delivered To Roseate Tern Chicks in the Azores. 419-429.
Jaime A. Ramos, Encarnacion Sol
Comparison of Line-Transect, Spot-Map, and Point-Count Surveys For Birds in Riparian Habitats of the Great Basin. 430-443.
David S. Dobkin, Adam C. Rich
Homing Ability of Breeding Male Tree Swallows. 444-449.
Colleen A. Barber, Raleigh J. Robertson
Increasing Point-Count Duration in creases Standard Error. 450-456.
Winston P. Smith, Daniel J. Twedt, Paul B. Hamel, Robert P. Ford, David A. Wiedenfeld, Robert J. Cooper
Habitat Selection By Blackburnian Warblers Wintering in Colombia. 457-465.
Susana De La Zerda Lerner, Dean F. Stauffer
Digital Playback and Improved Trap Design Enhances Capture of Migrant Soras and Virginia Rails. 466-473.
Gregory D. Kearns, Nina B. Kwartin, David F. Brinker, G. Michael Haramis
Summer Habitat Use By Ruffed Grouse With Broods in Central Pennsylvania. 474-485.
John G. Scott, Matthew J. Lovallo, Gerald L. Storm, Walter M. Tzilkowski
Site Fidelity of Wintering Henslow's Sparrows. 486-490.
Sheldon M. Plentovich, Nicholas R. Holler, Geoffrey E. Hill
Recent Literature. 491-509.
Erratum. 509.

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