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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 69, Number 2 (1998)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Implanted Transponders in Penguins: Implantation, Reliability, and Long-Term Effects. 149-159.
Judy Clarke, Knowles Kerry
Breeding Biology of the Crested Caracara in the Cape Region of Baja California, Mexico. 160-168.
Laura B. Rivera-Rodr
The Effect of Annual Rainfall On the Survival Rates of Some Australian Passerines. 169-179.
Robin Mccleery, Yoram Yom-Tov, David Purchase
Success of Artificial Nests in Crp Fields, Native Vegetation, and Field Borders in Southwestern Montana. 180-191.
Mark R. Clawson, Jay J. Rotella
Changes in Land Use As a Possible Factor in Mourning Dove Population Decline in Central Utah. 192-200.
William D. Ostrand, Paul M. Meyers, John A. Bissonette, Michael R. Conover
A Technique For Sampling Flying in sects. 201-208.
David J. Flaspohler
A Field Evaluation of Techniques Used To Estimate Density of Blue Jays. 209-222.
Keith A. Tarvin, Mary C. Garvin, Jodie M. Jawor, Kenneth A. Dayer
Field Preservation Techniques For the Analysis of Stable-Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Ratios in Eggs. 223-227.
Mark L. Gloutney, Keith A. Hobson
Chick Behavior, Habitat Use, and Reproductive Success of Piping Plovers At Goosewing Beach, Rhode Island. 228-234.
Meryl R. Goldin, Jonathan V. Regosin
Chronology of Nesting Events in Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers Near the Arctic Circle. 235-243.
Brett K. Sandercock
Assessing Relative Abundance and Reproductive Success of Shrubsteppe Raptors. 244-256.
Robert N. Lehman, Leslie B. Carpenter, Karen Steenhof, Michael N. Kochert
Observations of Hummingbirds in gesting Mineral-Rich Compounds. 257-261.
Michael D. Adam, James R. Des Lauriers
Stable-Carbon Isotopes Support Use of Adventitious Color To Discern Winter Origins of Lesser Snow Geese. 262-268.
Ray T. Alisauskas, Erwin E. Klaas, Keith A. Hobson, C. Davison Ankney
Effect of Brood Size On Growth in the Chinstrap Penguin: a Field Experiment. 269-275.
Juan Moreno, Javier Vi
Effects of Capture and Handling On Survival of Female Northern Pintails. 276-287.
Robert R. Cox, Jr., Alan D. Afton
A Verified Habitat Suitability in dex For the Louisiana Waterthrush. 288-298.
Diann J. Prosser, Robert P. Brooks
Mourning Dove Nesting Habitat and Nest Success in Central Missouri. 299-305.
Ronald D. Drobney, John H. Schulz, Steven L. Sherif, Wesley J. Fuemmeler
Effects of Radio Transmitters On Migrating Wood Thrushes. 306-315.
Larkin A. Powell, David G. Krementz, Jason D. Lang, Michael J. Conroy
Large-Scale Mapping of Purple Martin Pre-Migratory Roosts Using Wsr-88D Weather Surveillance Radar. 316-325.
Kevin R. Russell, David S. Mizrahi, Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr.
Pied Plumage in Bald Eagles. 326-335.
Alan R. Harmata, George J. Montopoli
Recent Literature. 336-350.
Upcoming Meetings. 351.

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