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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 69, Number 1 (1998)

Journal of Field Ornithology
1 (Winter)


Breeding and Natal Dispersal in the Puerto Rican Vireo. 1-7.
Bethany L. Woodworth, John Faaborg, Wayne J. Arendt
Rate of Bird Collision With Power Lines: Effects of Conductor-Marking and Static Wire-Marking. 8-17.
Guyonne F. E. Janss, Miguel Ferrer
Variation in Mass, Wing, and Culmen With Age, Sex, and Season in the Mexican Jay. 18-29.
Jerram L. Brown, Nirmal Bhagabati
The Role of Chip Calls in Winter Territoriality of Yellow Warblers. 30-36.
Diane L. Neudorf, Scott A. Tarof
The Nests of Two Bamboo Specialists: Celeus Spectabilis and Cercomacra Manu. 37-44.
Andrew W. Kratter
Vegetation Structure of Bachman's Sparrow Breeding Habitat and Its Relationship To Home Range. 45-50.
Thomas M. Haggerty
Longevity and Site Fidelity of Florida Grasshopper Sparrows. 51-54.
Tylan F. Dean, Michael F. Delany, Erik W. Chapman, Peter D. Vickery
Two in stances of Kleptoparasitism in Passerines. 55-57.
Christopher J. Kellner, Robert J. Cooper
Adoption of Unrelated Young By Greater Rheas. 58-65.
The Aba: a Device For Restraining Raptors and Other Large Birds. 66-70.
Thomas L. Maechtle
Bacteria in Old House Wren Nests. 71-74.
David R. Singleton, R. Given Harper
Behavior and Energy Budgets of Belted Kingfishers in Winter. 75-84.
Jeffrey F. Kelly
A Contextual Analysis of Singing Behavior in Male Tufted Titmice. 85-94.
Jeffrey P. Duguay, Gary Ritchison
Nest Attendance By Male California Gnatcatchers. 95-102.
Keith W. Sockman
The Relationship Between Wing Area and Raggedness During Molt in the Willow Warbler and Other Passerines. 103-108.
Anders Hedenstr
Nesting Habitat of Lewis' Woodpeckers in Southeastern Wyoming. 109-116.
Kathleen A. Linder, Stanley H. Anderson
Fertility of Greater Rhea Orphan Eggs: Conservation and Management Implications. 117-120.
Stereotyped Foraging Behavior of the Swainson's Warbler. 121-127.
Gary R. Graves
Recent Literature. 128-144.
Graduate and Post-Graduate Research Grants. 145.
Instructions To Authors. 146-148.

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