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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 68, Number 4 (1997)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


Avian Cholera in Ospreys: First Occurrence and Possible Mode of Transmission. 503-508.
Larry J. Hindman, William F. Harvey, Iv, Gary R. Costanzo, Kathryn A. Converse, George Stein, Jr.
Dust-Ruffling: a Simple Method For Quantifying Ectoparasite Loads of Live Birds. 509-518.
B. A. Walther, D. H. Clayton
Autumn Migration of Gray-Cheeked and Bicknell's Thrushes At Kiptopeke, Virginia. 519-525.
Michael D. Wilson, Bryan D. Watts
Poor Retention Rates of 8-G Anchor Radio Transmitters By Northern Shovelers. 526-529.
John M. Zimmer
A Miniature Camera System For Examining Petrel Burrows. 530-536.
Nanette W. H. Seto, Paul Jansen
Local Changes in a Breeding Bird Community Following Forest Disturbance. 537-546.
Grant E. Canterbury, David E. Blockstein
Use of Time-At-Depth Recorders For Estimating Depth and Diving Performance of European Shags. 547-561.
Sarah Wanless, Michael P. Harris, Alan E. Burger, Stephen T. Buckland
Numbers of Wintering Shorebirds in Coastal Wetlands of Baja California, Mexico. 562-574.
Gary W. Page, Eduardo Palacios, Lucia Alfaro, Salvador Gonzalez, Lynne E. Stenzel, Michael Jungers
Absence of Blood Parasites in the Red-Necked Nightjar. 575-579.
Manuela G. Forero, Jose L. Tella, Alvaro Gajon
Nesting Chronology of the Common Ground-Dove in Florida and Texas. 580-589.
Reed Bowman, Glen E. Woolfenden
Supplemental Feeding Experiments of Nesting Bald Eagles in Southeastern Alaska. 590-601.
Scott M. Gende, Mary F. Willson
A Modified Throw-Trap To Sample Prey For Wading Bird Studies. 602-606.
Leopoldo Miranda, Jaime A. Collazo
The Effects of Predation Risk On Scanning and Flocking Behavior in Dunlin. 607-612.
Andres Barbosa
Seasonal Reproductive Pattern of White-Winged Crossbills in in terior Alaska. 613-621.
Pierre Deviche
Injury Due To Leg Bands in Willow Flycatchers. 622-629.
James A. Sedgwick, Rodney J. Klus
Primary Song By a Juvenile Willow Flycatcher. 630-631.
Mark K. Sogge
Recent Literature. 632-644.
North American Loon Fund Grants. 645.
Indices To Volume 68. 646-662.

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