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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 68, Number 3 (1997)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Breeding Dispersal of Eastern Bluebirds Depends On Nesting Success But Not On Removal of Old Nests: an Experimental Study. 323-330.
Patricia Adair Gowaty, Jonathan H. Plissner
Factors in fluencing the Onset of Spring Migration in Mallards. 331-337.
Bruce D. Dugger
Relationship Between Wing Length and Body Mass in Atlantic Puffin Chicks. 338-347.
Michael S. Rodway
Net Shyness in the Wood Thrush. 348-357.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr.
Upcoming Meeetings. 357.
Shorebird Diet and Size Selection of Nereid Polychaetes in South Carolina Coastal Diked Wetlands. 358-366.
Louise M. Weber, Susan M. Haig
Variable Song Rates in Three Species of Passerines and Implications For Estimating Bird Populations. 367-375.
W. J. Mcshea, J. H. Rappole
Factors Affecting Egg Mass Loss in the Phoenix Petrel On Christmas Island. 376-381.
G. C. Whittow
Diet of Common Ravens On El Hierro, Canary Islands. 382-391.
Manuel Nogales, Elizabeth C. Hern
Effects of Monitoring Frequency On Estimates of Abundance, Age Distribution, and Productivity of Colonial Griffon Vultures. 392-399.
The Molt Cycle of the Arctic Tern, With Comments On Aging Criteria. 400-412.
Gary Voelker
Daily Activity Times of Ruffed Grouse in Southwestern Virginia. 413-420.
David G. Hewitt, Roy L. Kirkpatrick
Post-Fledging Behavior of a Radio-Tagged Juvenile Marbled Murrelet. 421-425.
Katherine J. Kuletz, Dennis K. Marks
Estimation of Arthropods Available To Birds: Effect of Trapping Technique, Prey Distribution, and Bird Diet. 426-442.
Brigitte Poulin, Ga
Age Determination of Free-Living Male Black-Throated Blue Warblers During the Breeding Season. 443-449.
Gary R. Graves
Response of American Coots and Soras To Herbicide-Induced Vegetation Changes in Wetlands. 450-457.
George M. Linz, David L. Bergman, Dage C. Blixt, Curt Mcmurl
Success of in tensive Management of a Critically Imperiled Population of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in South Carolina. 458-470.
Kathleen E. Franzreb
Nest Materials As a Source of Genetic Data For Avian Ecological Studies. 471-481.
J. M. Pearce, R. L. Fields, K. T. Scribner
Recent Literature. 482-502.

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