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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 68, Number 1 (1997)

Journal of Field Ornithology
1 (Winter)


Effects of Nasal Discs On Nesting By Mallards. 1-6.
David W. Howerter, Brian L. Joynt, Robert B. Emery, Tomasz P. Sankowski
A Long-Term Study of the Breeding Success of Eastern Bluebirds By Year and Cavity Type. 7-18.
Lorissa A. Radunzel, Donna M. Muschitz, Vincent M. Bauldry, Peter Arcese
Notes and News. 18-112.
Using Post-Ovulatory Follicles To Determine Laying Histories of American Coots: Implications For Nutrient-Reserve Studies. 19-25.
Todd W. Arnold, Jonathan E. Thompson, C. Davison Ankney
Evidence of Newell's Shearwater Breeding in Puna District, Hawaii. 26-32.
Michelle H. Reynolds, George L. Ritchotte
Cover Characteristics and Success of Natural and Artificial Duck Nests. 33-41.
Karla L. Guyn, Robert G. Clark
Occurrence of Migrant Shorebirds in the Mariana Islands. 42-55.
Derek W. Stinson, Gary J. Wiles, James D. Reichel
Field Techniques For Studying Breeding Yellow Rails. 56-63.
Michel Robert, Pierre Laporte
Radio Transmitters Do Not Affect Nestling Feeding Rates By Female Hooded Warblers. 64-68.
Diane L. Neudorf, Trevor E. Pitcher
A Motorized Food Box For Use in Supplemental Feeding Experiments. 69-74.
Johanna M. Ward, Robert Booth, Patricia L. Kennedy
Low in fection Prevalence of Blood Parasites in Hooded Warblers. 75-78.
Scott A. Tarof, Bridget J. Stutchbury, Gordon F. Bennett
Recoveries of Roseate and Common Terns in South America. 79-90.
Helen Hays, Joseph Dicostanzo, Grace Cormons, Paulo De Tarso Zuquim Antas, Jo
The Breeding Biology of the Pied Water-Tyrant and Its in teractions With the Shiny Cowbird in Venezuela. 91-97.
Alexander Cruz, Robert W. Andrews
Spider Webs and Windows As Potentially Important Sources of Hummingbird Mortality. 98-101.
Devon L. Graham
Sex Determination of Adult Humboldt Penguins Using Morphometric Characters. 102-112.
Carlos B. Zavalaga, Rosana Paredes
Non-Breeding Waterbirds of the Delta of the R. 113-123.
Eric Mellink, Eduardo Palacios, Salvador Gonz
Distribution of Autumn-Staging Lesser Snow Geese On the Northeast Coastal Plain of Alaska. 124-134.
Donna G. Robertson, Alan W. Brackney, Michael A. Spindler, Jerry W. Hupp
Breeding Biology of Aplomado Falcons in Desert Grasslands of Chihuahua, Mexico. 135-143.
Angel B. Montoya, Phillip J. Zwank, Manuel Cardenas
Geese As Frugivores and Probable Seed-Dispersal Mutualists. 144-146.
Mary F. Willson, Anna Traveset, Carlos Sabag
A Trap For Ducks Using Artificial Nesting Structures. 147-149.
Tina Yerkes
Bald Eagle Longevity Record From Southeastern Alaska. 150-151.
Philip F. Schempf
California Sea Lion Predation On Chicks of the Common Murre. 152-154.
Douglas J. Long, Lucy Gilbert
Recent Literature. 155-172.
Erratum. 172.

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