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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 67, Number 4 (1996)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


Diet and Trophic Characteristics of Great Horned Owls in Southwestern Idaho. 499-506.
Carl D. Marti, Michael N. Kochert
Notes and News. 506-541.
A Color Band For Spotted Owls. 507-510.
Eric D. Forsman, Alan B. Franklin, Frank M. Oliver, James P. Ward
Foraging Habitat of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker On the D'Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana. 511-518.
Charles M. Jones, Howard E. Hunt
A Sexing Technique For California Gulls Breeding At Bamforth Lake, Wyoming. 519-524.
Edward F. Rodriguez, Bruce H. Pugesek, Kenneth L. Diem
A Microclimate Analysis of Nest-Site Selection By Mountain Chickadees. 525-533.
Douglas G. Wachob
Sexual Size Dimorphism and Determination of Sex in Yellow-Legged Gulls. 534-541.
Marc Bosch
Improved Methods For Aging Second-Year and After-Second-Year Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 542-548.
Catherine P. Ortega, Joseph C. Ortega, Stacia A. Backensto, Cristin A. Rapp
Effects of Harness-Style and Abdominally Implanted Transmitters On Survival and Return Rates of Mallards. 549-557.
E. H. Dzus, R. G. Clark
Does Removal of Old Nests From Nestboxes By Researchers Affect Mite Populations in Subsequent Nests of House Wrens?. 558-564.
Andrew J. Pacejka, Charles F. Thompson
Age Classification of Laughing Gulls Based On Summer Plumage. 565-574.
Jerrold L. Belant, Richard A. Dolbeer
Food, Feeding, and Refuelling of Red Knots During Northward Migration At San Antonio Oeste, Rio Negro, Argentina. 575-591.
Patricia M. Gonz
Temporal Variation in Food Availability and Diet of Blackcaps in Olive Orchards. 592-603.
Pedro J. Rey, Julio M. Alc
Effect of Flagging On Predation of Artificial Duck Nests. 604-611.
Eric W. Hein, Wendy S. Hein
Eastern Screech-Owl Hatches an American Kestrel. 612-613.
Timothy F. Breen, John W. Parrish, Jr.
The in flux of Black-Capped Chickadees At Long Point, Ontario in the Spring of 1962: a 35-Year Perspective On an Unusual Event. 614-622.
David J. T. Hussell
Effects of Sampling Blood and Uropygial Oil On Breeding Success of Antarctic Birds. 623-629.
Nico W. Van Den Brink, Kate Pigott
Capture Methods For Crested Caracaras. 630-636.
Joan L. Morrison, Steven M. Mcgehee
Determining Food in take By Great Cormorants and European Shags With Electronic Balances. 637-648.
David Gr
Food Habits of Redheads At the Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin. 649-659.
Kevin P. Kenow, Donald H. Rusch
Using Candlers To Determine the in cubation Stage of Passerine Eggs. 660-668.
John T. Lokemoen, Rolf R. Koford
Abundance, Distribution, and Behavior of Common Mergansers Wintering On a Reservoir in Southern New Mexico. 669-679.
Jack H. Mccaw Iii, Phillip J. Zwank, Robert L. Steiner
Influence of Radio Transmitters On Prairie Falcons. 680-690.
Mark S. Vekasy, John M. Marzluff, Michael N. Kochert, Robert N. Lehman, Karen Steenhof
Selection of Foraging Habitat By Mourning Doves: a Structural Approach. 691-697.
William D. Ostrand, John A. Bissonette, Michael R. Conover
Recent Literature. 698-713.
Indices To Volume 67. 714-730.

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