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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 67, Number 3 (1996)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Loss of an Abdominally Implanted Radio Transmitter By a Wild Blue-Winged Teal. 355-357.
Pamela R. Garrettson, Frank C. Rohwer
Supplementary Head Molt in Cape White-Eyes: a Consequence of Nectar Feeding?. 358-359.
Adrian J. F. K. Craig, Patrick E. Hulley
Non-Breeding Site Fidelity in Northern Shrikes. 360-366.
Christopher C. Rimmer, Charles H. Darmstadt
Use of a Geographic in formation System To Facilitate Analysis of Spot-Mapping Data. 367-375.
Jack W. Witham, Alan J. Kimball
Intersexual Vocal Communication in the Red-Winged Blackbird. 376-383.
Nathan R. Hovekamp
Notes and News. 383-498.
Nestling Kentucky Warblers and Cowbird Attacked By Brown-Headed Cowbird. 384-386.
Jay M. Sheppard
Band Sizes of Southeastern Brazilian Hummingbirds. 387-391.
Yoshika Oniki
Technique For Implanting Radio Transmitters Subcutaneously in Day-Old Ducklings. 392-397.
Carl E. Korschgen, Kevin P. Kenow, William L. Green, Michael D. Samuel, Louis Sileo
Individual Variation in the Advertising Call of Male Northern Saw-Whet Owls. 398-405.
Ken Otter
Vegetation Around Parasitized and Non-Parasitized Nests Within Deciduous Forest. 406-413.
Margaret C. Brittingham, Stanley A. Temple
An in expensive Compact Automatic Camera System For Wildlife Research. 414-421.
William R. Danielson, Richard M. Degraaf, Todd K. Fuller
Productivity of the Spruce Grouse At the Southeastern Limit of Its Range. 422-427.
Scott D. Whitcomb, Allan F. O'Connell, Jr., Frederick A. Servello
Age and Sex Determination of Monomorphic Non-Breeding Choughs: a Long-Term Study. 428-433.
Guillermo Blanco, Jose L. Tella, Ignacio Torre
Growth and Provisioning of Shiny Cowbird and House Wren Host Nestlings. 434-441.
Gustavo H. Kattan
A Technique To Spray Dyes On Birds. 442-446.
Helmut Wendeln, Rolf Nagel, Peter H. Becker
Effectiveness of Predator Exclosures For Pectoral Sandpiper Nests in Alaska. 447-452.
Veronica B. Estelle, Todd J. Mabee, Adrian H. Farmer
Accuracy of Aging Duck Broods in the Field. 453-455.
James O. Evrard
Mass Loss and Probability of Stopover By Migrant Warblers During Spring and Fall Migration. 456-462.
Sara R. Morris
The Use of Radio Telemetry To Measure the Feeding Behavior of Breeding European Golden-Plovers. 463-470.
Mark J. Whittingham
Mass Mortality Events of Eared Grebes in North America. 471-476.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Red-Breasted Mergansers in an Urban Winter Habitat. 477-483.
Jeffrey Boone Miller
Recent Literature. 484-497.

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