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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 66, Number 4 (1995)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


Quantification of Nocturnal Bird Migration By Moonwatching: Comparison With Radar and in frared Observations. 457-468.
Felix Liechti, Bruno Bruderer, Heidi Paproth
A Comparison of On-And Off-Road Bird Counts: Do You Need To Go Off Road To Count Birds Accurately?. 469-483.
Joann M. Hanowski, Gerald J. Niemi
Energy Studies of Free-Living Seabirds: Do in jections of Doubly-Labeled Water Affect Gentoo Penguin Behavior?. 484-491.
Rory P. Wilson, Boris M. Culik
Behavior and in teraction of Bewick's and House Wrens At a Common Dusting Site, With Comments On the Utility of Dusting. 492-496.
Paul Hendricks, Lisa Norment Hendricks
Notice To Authors--Change of Editors. 496.
Does Use of a Tape Lure Bias Samples of Curlew Sandpipers Captured With Mist Nets?. 497-500.
J. Figuerola, L. Gustamante
An Observation of a Summer Tanager Attempting To Eat an Anolis Lizard. 501-502.
David A. Aborn, Daniel Froehlich
Woodpecker Habitat Use in the Forests of Southeast Wyoming. 503-514.
Steven S. Loose, Stanley H. Anderson
A Device For Simultaneously Measuring Nest Attendance and Nest Temperature in Waterfowl. 515-521.
Paul L. Flint, Margaret C. Maccluskie
An Extra-Limital Broad-Tailed Hummingbird in Winter: Disoriented Or Harbinger of Change?. 522-530.
William A. Calder
Nesting Biology of the Yellow Warbler At the Northern Limit of Its Range. 531-543.
James V. Briskie
From the Editor. 543.
Time-Of-Day Effects On the Numbers and Behavior of Non-Breeding Raptors Seen On Roadside Surveys in Eastern Pennsylvania. 544-552.
Andrew G. Bunn, William Klein, Keith L. Bildstein
Incubation Patterns in Harris' Sparrows and White-Crowned Sparrows in the Northwest Territories, Canada. 553-563.
Christopher J. Norment
Flight-Feather Molt Patterns and Age in North American Woodpeckers. 564-581.
Peter Pyle, Steve N. G. Howell
Notes and News. 581-589.
A Colored Leg Banding Technique For Amazona Parrots. 582-589.
J. Michael Meyers
The Altitude of Bird Migration in East-Central Alaska: a Radar and Visual Study. 590-608.
Brian A. Cooper, Robert J. Ritchie
A New Tether System For Captive Raptors. 609-611.
David H. Ellis
Transoceanic Migration of the Blackpoll Warbler: Summary of Scientific Evidence and Response To Criticisms By Murray. 612-622.
Ian C. T. Nisbet, Douglas B. Mcnair, William Post, Timothy C. Williams
Recent Literature. 623-633.
Indices To Volume 66. 634-651.

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