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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 66, Number 2 (1995)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Captive and Field-Tested Radio Transmitter Attachments For Bald Eagles. 173-180.
David A. Buehler, James D. Fraser, Mark R. Fuller, Lynne S. Mcallister, Janis K. D. Seegar
Four Marbled Godwits Exceed the North American Longevity Record For Scolopacids. 181-183.
Mark A. Colwell, Ron H. Gerstenberg, Oriane E. Williams, Mark G. Dodd
Great Blue Heron Reproductive Success in Upper Delaware Bay. 184-191.
Katharine C. Parsons, Amanda C. Mccolpin
Notes and News. 191-269.
Limitations of Far in frared Thermal Imaging in Locating Birds. 192-198.
R. Boonstra, J. M. Eadie, C. J. Krebs, S. Boutin
A 24-Hour Remote Surveillance System For Terrestrial Wildlife Studies. 199-211.
Paul W. Sykes, Jr., William E. Ryman, Cameron B. Kepler, Joe W. Hardy
An Improved Method For Collecting Bird Ectoparasites. 212-214.
A. Bear
Vigilance in the Greater Rhea: Effects of Vegetation Height and Group Size. 215-220.
Reproduction of Female Boat-Tailed Grackles: Comparisons Between South Carolina and Florida. 221-230.
William Post
Clutch Size and Fledging Rate in the Eurasian Nuthatch Breeding in Natural Cavities Is Unrelated To Nest Cavity Size. 231-235.
Vladimir V. Pravosudov
Selective Predation By Northern Shrikes On Small Mammals in a Natural Environment. 236-246.
Angel Hern
A New Method of Determining Ovenbird Age On the Basis of Rectrix Shape. 247-252.
Therese M. Donovan, C. Michael Stanley
Evaluation of Photographic Devices To Determine Nestling Diet of the Endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpecker. 253-259.
Kathleen E. Franzreb, James L. Hanula
Research On Wood Warblers in Canada. 260-266.
Navjot S. Sodhi, Cynthia A. Paszkowski
A Possible Longevity Record For the Wild Turkey. 267-269.
James E. Cardoza
An Artificial Nest Site For Arctic Nesting Common Eiders. 270-276.
George J. Divoky, Robert Suydam
Habitat Use and Foraging Behavior of Four Parulid Warblers in a Second-Growth Forest. 277-288.
Navjot S. Sodhi, Cynthia A. Paszkowski
Color Change in Hughes's Celluloid Leg Bands. 289-295.
Gerald D. Lindsey, Karen A. Wilson, Christina Herrmann
Female Greater Sandhill Crane Continues To in cubate After the Loss of Her Mate. 296-298.
Carroll D. Littlefield
Measurements of Wintering Double-Crested Cormorants and Discriminant Models of Sex. 299-304.
James F. Glahn, R. Barry Mccoy
Territory Size and Movements of Florida Grasshopper Sparrows. 305-309.
Michael F. Delany, Clinton T. Moore, Donald R. Progulske, Jr.
Recent Literature. 310-319.

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