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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 65, Number 2 (1994)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Influence of Brood Rearing On Female Mallard Survival and Effects of Harness-Type Transmitters. 151-159.
Peter J. Bergmann, Lester D. Flake, W. Lee Tucker
Rates of Brood Parasitism By Brown-Headed Cowbirds On Riparian Passerines in Arizona. 160-168.
Bryan T. Brown
Notes and News. 168-220.
Autumn Populations of Landbirds Along Central Coastal California 1976-1986. 169-185.
Daniel M. Taylor, David F. Desante, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Keith Houghton
Breeding Biology of the Common Poorwill At the Northern Edge of Its Distribution. 186-193.
Ryan D. Csada, R. Mark Brigham
Migration and Wintering of Western Sandpipers On the Pacific Coast of Colombia. 194-200.
Luis G Naranjo, Rebeca Franke, William Beltr
The Impact of Different Predator Exclosures On Piping Plover Nest Abandonment. 201-209.
Jerry J. Vaske, David W. Rimmer, Robert D. Deblinger
Testing For Resource Use and Selection By Marine Birds: a Comment. 210-213.
Nicholas J. Aebischer, Peter A. Robertson
Testing For Resource Use and Selection By Marine Birds: a Reply To Aebischer and Robertson. 214-220.
J. Christopher Haney
Tenacity of Nesting Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers After Felling of the Cavity Tree. 221-223.
J. Craig Watson, William E. Taylor, John H. Young
Nestling Growth and Development in Bachman's Sparrows. 224-231.
Thomas M. Haggerty
Techniques For Prolonged Confinement and Transport of Small in sectivorous Passerines. 232-236.
Carol I. Bocetti
Historical Use of Bamboo/Cane As Blackbird and Starling Roosting Habitat: Implications For Roost Management. 237-246.
James F. Glahn, Richard D. Flynt, Edward P. Hill
Why Do Brown Tremblers Tremble?. 247-249.
Juliet Kellogg Markowsky, William Glanz, Malcolm Hunter
Eastern Bluebirds Prefer Boxes Containing Old Nests. 250-253.
Wayne H. Davis, Paul J. Kalisz, Rick J. Wells
A Night-Lighting Technique For Capturing Cormorants. 254-257.
D. Tommy King, Keith J. Andrews, Junior O. King, Richard D. Flynt, James F. Glahn, John L. Cummings
The Food Habits of Sympatric Ciccaba Owls in Northern Guatemala. 258-264.
Richard P. Gerhardt, Dawn Mcannis Gerhardt, Craig J. Flatten, Normandy Bonilla Gonz
Recent Literature. 265-277.
Minutes of the Association of Field Ornithologists Council Meeting. 278-280.
Instructions To Authors. 281-282.

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