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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 64, Number 4 (1993)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


A Modified Restraining Device For Mourning Doves. 413-416.
Kevin Patterson, Craig A. Haskell, John H. Schulz
Autumn Migration Route of Blackpoll Warblers: Evidence From Southeastern North America. 417-425.
Douglas B. Mcnair, William Post
Notes and News. 425-586.
The Heaviest Nestlings Are Not Necessarily the Fattest Nestlings. 426-432.
Charles F. Thompson, John E. C. Flux, Vernon T. Tetzlaff
Nesting of Red-Tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls in a Central New York Urban/Suburban Area. 433-439.
William F. Minor, Maureen Minor, Michael F. Ingraldi
Evaluation of Dyes and Techniques To Color-Mark in cubating Herring Gulls. 440-451.
Jerrold L. Belant, Thomas W. Seamans
Foods of Migrating Cinnamon Teal in Central New Mexico. 452-463.
Terri D. Thorn, Phillip J. Zwank
Testing For the Relationship Between Coniferous Crop Stability and Common Crossbill Residence. 464-469.
J. C. Senar, A. Borras, T. Cabrera, J. Cabrera
White-Crowned Sparrow Shifts Winter Home Range North. 470-471.
Carl D. Barrentine, H. Elliott Mcclure
Discriminating the Sex of Laughing Gulls By Linear Measurements. 472-476.
Daniel R. Evans, Edwin M. Hoopes, Curtice R. Griffin
What To Do About the North American in vasion By the Collared Dove?. 477-489.
R. Hengeveld
Sex and Age Identification of Palila. 490-499.
John J. Jeffrey, Steven G. Fancy, Gerald D. Lindsey, Paul C. Banko, Thane K. Pratt, James D. Jacobi
Growth and Survival of Mountain Plovers. 500-506.
Brian J. Miller, Fritz L. Knopf
Nest-Monitoring Plots: Methods For Locating Nests and Monitoring Success. 507-519.
Thomas E. Martin, Geoffrey R. Geupel
Occurrences of the Piping Plover in Cuba. 520-526.
Pedro Blanco, J. Paul Goossen, Hiram Gonzalez Alonso, Jacques Sirois
Winter Diet Quality, Gut Morphology and Condition of Northern Bobwhite and Scaled Quail in West Texas. 527-538.
Anthony P. Leif, Loren M. Smith
An Important Early-Autumn Staging Area For Pacific Flyway Brant: Kasegaluk Lagoon, Chukchi Sea, Alaska. 539-548.
Stephen R. Johnson
North American Migrant Passerines At Two Non-Forested Sites in Venezuela. 549-556.
Betsy Trent Thomas
Migration and Dispersal of Laughing Gulls in the United States. 557-565.
Jerrold L. Belant, Richard A. Dolbeer
Distribution and Trends in Abundance of Rough-Legged Hawks Wintering in California. 566-574.
Barrett A. Garrison
Investigator Disturbance and Clutch Predation in Willow Ptarmigan: Methods For Evaluating Impact. 575-586.
Susan J. Hannon, Kathy Martin, Len Thomas, Jim Schieck
Recent Literature. 587-596.
Minutes of the Association of Field Ornithologists Council Meeting. 597-600.
Indices To Volume 64. 601-616.

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