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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 64, Number 3 (1993)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Estimates of Coastal Shorebird Abundance: the Importance of Multiple Counts. 293-301.
Mark A. Colwell, Robert J. Cooper
Notes and News. 301-366.
Bird Mortality From Striking Residential Windows in Winter. 302-309.
Erica H. Dunn
The Sharpbill in the Serra Dos Caraj. 310-315.
Song Output As a Population Estimator: Effect of Male Pairing Status. 316-322.
James P. Gibbs, Daniel G. Wenny
Northern Spotted Owl Pair Successfully Renests. 323-325.
Jeffrey C. Lewis, Barbara C. Wales
Differential Mortality of Barn Owls During Fledging From Marsh and Off-Shore Nest Sites. 326-330.
Peter R. Bendel, Glenn D. Therres
Specimen Shrinkage in Tennessee Warblers and Traill's" Flycatchers". 331-336.
Kevin Winker
Use of Wood Duck Decoys in a Study of Brood Parasitism. 337-340.
Steven F. Wilson
Erythristic Eggs in the Common Tern. 341-345.
Helen Hays, Kenneth C. Parkes
Vocalizations of the Golden-Crowned Kinglet in Eastern North America. 346-351.
Christopher T. Naugler
Variation in Loggerhead Shrike Nest Composition Between Two Shrub Species in Southwest Idaho. 352-357.
Christopher P. Woods
Historical Patterns of Vagrancy By Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers in New England. 358-366.
Walter G. Ellison
Nests and Nest Sites of the San Miguel Island Song Sparrow. 367-381.
Michael D. Kern, Mark K. Sogge, Robert B. Kern, Charles Van Riper Iii
Seasonal Abundance and Habitat Use of Shorebirds On an Oso Bay Mudflat, Corpus Christi, Texas. 382-392.
Kim Withers, Brian R. Chapman
Recent Literature. 393-411.

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