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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 64, Number 2 (1993)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Fidelity of Migrant Bald Eagles To Wintering Grounds in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. 129-134.
Alan R. Harmata, Dale W. Stahlecker
Diet of Double-Crested Cormorants Wintering in Texas. 135-144.
Joseph J. Campo, Bruce C. Thompson, John C. Barron, Raymond C. Telfair Ii, Phil Durocher, Steve Gutreuter
Banding Is in frequently Associated With Foot Loss in Spotted Sandpipers. 145-148.
J. Michael Reed, Lewis W. Oring
The in fluence of Water Depth and Sediment Type On the Foraging Behavior of Whimbrels. 149-157.
Claudio R. Vel
Status of the Arctic Tern in the Coastal and Offshore Waters of the Southeastern United States. 158-168.
David S. Lee, Steven W. Cardiff
Use of Habitat and Perches, Causes of Mortality and Time Until Dispersal in Post-Fledging American Kestrels. 169-178.
Daniel E. Varland, Erwin E. Klaas, Thomas M. Loughin
An Optic Device To in spect Nest Boxes From the Ground. 179-187.
Gregory D. Hayward, Jerry W. Deal
Use of Recorded Calls To Detect Burrowing Owls. 188-194.
Elizabeth A. Haug, Andrew B. Didiuk
Suitability of Velcro(R) Leg Tags For Marking Herring and Great Black-Backed Gull Chicks. 195-198.
Paul M. Cavanagh, Curtice R. Griffin
Sexing Fledglings of Cardueline Finches By Plumage Color and Morphometric Variables. 199-204.
A. Borras, J. Cabrera, X. Colome, J. C. Senar
An Improved Ligature Technique For Dietary Sampling in Nestling Birds. 205-210.
Ron S. Mellott, Paul E. Woods
Time-Activity Budget of Northern Pintails Using Nonhunted Rice Fields in Southwest Louisiana. 211-218.
David P. Rave, Carroll L. Cordes
Notes and News. 218-238.
Lesser Scaup Forage On Zebra Mussels At Cook Nuclear Plant, Michigan. 219-222.
Christine A. Mitchell, John Carlson
Geographic Distribution and Abundance of the Puerto Rican Nightjar. 223-238.
Francisco J. Vilella, Philip J. Zwank
Pentagon Milk-Carton Nest Box. 239-243.
Patricia A. Pochop, Ron J. Johnson
Red-Headed Falcon Pirates Prey From Montagu's Harrier. 244-245.
William S. Clark, N. John Schmitt
A New Multi-Category Classification of Subcutaneous Fat Deposits of Songbirds. 246-255.
Andreas Kaiser
Rhinoceros Auklet Burrow Use, Breeding Success, and Chick Growth: Gull-Free Vs. Gull-Occupied Habitat. 256-261.
Ulrich W. Wilson
Identifying Sex and Age of Apapane and Iiwi On Hawaii. 262-269.
Steven G. Fancy, Thane K. Pratt, Gerald D. Lindsey, Calvin K. Harada, Alfred H. Parent, Jr., James D. Jacobi
Evaluation of Three Elevated Mist-Net Systems For Sampling Birds. 270-277.
J. Michael Meyers, Keith L. Pardieck
Recent Literature. 278-290.
Instructions To Authors. 291-292.

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