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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 64, Number 1 (1993)

Journal of Field Ornithology
1 (Winter)


Home Range Size and Habitat-Use Patterns of Nesting Prairie Falcons Near Oil Developments in Northeastern Wyoming. 1-10.
John R. Squires, Stanley H. Anderson, Robert Oakleaf
Sex Determination of Hunter-Killed and Depredated Willow Ptarmigan Using a Discriminant Analysis. 11-17.
Rogier C. Gruys, Susan J. Hannon
An Evaluation of the Use of Flow Cytometry To Identify Sex in the Florida Scrub Jay. 18-26.
Terrence R. Tiersch, Ronald L. Mumme
Parent-Offspring Recognition in the Jackass Penguin. 27-31.
Philip J. Seddon, Yolanda Van Heezik
The North American in vasion Pattern of the Shiny Cowbird. 32-41.
William Post, Alexander Cruz, Douglas B. Mcnair
Fruit Defenders Vs. Fruit Thieves: Winter Foraging Behavior in American Robins. 42-48.
Rex Sallabanks
Notes and News. 48-128.
A New Method of Preparation To Identify Arthropods From Stomach Contents of Birds. 49-54.
Grace Servat
Evaluation of Two Survey Methods in Upland Avian Breeding Communities. 55-70.
John H. Rappole, William J. Mcshea, Jorge Vega-Rivera
Foraging Behavior of Male Black-Backed and Hairy Woodpeckers in a Forest Burn. 71-76.
Pascal Villard, Clifford W. Beninger
Evaluation of the Single Survey Technique For Assessing Common Loon Populations. 77-83.
Jerrold L. Belant, John F. Olson, Raymond K. Anderson
Use of a Restraining Board and Wing Bands To Immobilize and Mark Mallards. 84-89.
Clinton W. Jeske, David W. Gilbert, David R. Anderson, James K. Ringelman, Michael R. Szymczak
Chick Creching and in traspecific Aggression in the Jackass Penguin. 90-95.
Philip J. Seddon, Yolanda Van Heezik
Migration Chronology of American Wigeon in Washington, Oregon and California. 96-101.
Ronald R. Hitchcock, Richard Balcomb, Ronald J. Kendall
Recent Literature. 102-124.

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