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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 62, Number 3 (1991)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Circadian Activity Rhythm of the Chinstrap Penguin of Isla Media Luna, South Shetland Islands, Argentine Antarctica. 293-298.
Diego A. Golombek, Javier A. Calcagno, Carlos M. Luquet
Notes and News. 298-406.
Nest-Box Selection By Prothonotary Warblers. 299-307.
Charles R. Blem, Leann B. Blem
Morphometric Identification of Traill's Flycatchers: an Assessment of Stein's Formula. 308-313.
Gilles Seutin
Temperature-Dependent Loss of Mass By Shorebirds Following Capture. 314-318.
Gonzalo Castro, Bruce A. Wunder, Fritz L. Knopf
Comparison of Diets of Turkey Vultures in Three Regions of Northern Mexico. 319-324.
Fernando Hiraldo, Miguel Delibes, Jose A. Donazar
Diets of Lesser Scaup Breeding in Manitoba. 325-334.
Alan D. Afton, Ross H. Hier
New Harness Design For Attachment of Radio Transmitters To Small Passerines. 335-337.
John H. Rappole, Alan R. Tipton
Site Fidelity and Renesting of Female American Pipits. 338-342.
Paul Hendricks
The Effect of in troduced Roof Rats On Bird Diversity of Antillean Cays. 343-348.
Earl W. Campbell
An Evaluation of the Method of Estimating Body Fat in Birds By Quantifying Visible Subcutaneous Fat. 349-356.
Christopher M. Rogers
Estimating Sex Ratios With Discriminant Function Analysis: the in fluence of Probability Cutpoints and Sample Size. 357-366.
Leonard A. Brennan, Joseph B. Buchanan, Charles T. Schick, Steven G. Herman
An Improved Marine Radar System For Studies of Bird Migration. 367-377.
Brian A. Cooper, Robert H. Day, Robert J. Ritchie, Clayton L. Cranor
Walk-In Traps For Capturing Greater Prairie-Chickens On Leks. 378-385.
Michael A. Schroeder, Clait E. Braun
Comparative Bathing Behavior in Some Australian Birds. 386-389.
N. A. M. Verbeek
Breeding Site Fidelity and Natal Philopatry in the Sex Role-Reversed Red and Red-Necked Phalaropes. 390-398.
Douglas Schamel, Diane M. Tracy
Use of Tongue-Flicking Behavior By the Snowy Egret. 399-402.
Terry L. Master
Description of the Courtship and Copulation Behavior of the Crane-Hawk. 403-406.
Henri Ouellet
Recent Literature. 407-426.

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