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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 62, Number 2 (1991)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Abnormally Long Bill in a Young Curve-Billed Thrasher. 157-161.
Christopher W. Thompson, Barbara A. Terkanian
Notes and News. 161-229.
Seasonal Distribution of the Slaty Elaenia, a Little-Known Austral Migrant of South America. 162-172.
Curtis A. Marantz, J. V. Remsen, Jr.
Black Vultures Nesting On Skyscrapers in Southern Brazil. 173-176.
James R. Hill, Iii, Pedro Scherer Neto
Egg Losses in Communal Nests of the Guira Cuckoo. 177-180.
Roberto B. Cavalcanti, Maristerra R. Lemes, Renato Cintra
Electrocution of Raptors On Power Lines in Southwestern Spain. 181-190.
Miguel Ferrer, Manuel De La Riva, Javier Castroviejo
Prairie Falcons Quit Nesting in Response To Spring Snowstorm. 191-194.
John R. Squires, Stanley H. Anderson, Robert Oakleaf
Bird Density and Productivity in an Impounded Cattail Marsh. 195-199.
William Post, Carol A. Seals
Failure of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism in Nests of the American Goldfinch. 200-203.
Alex L. A. Middleton
Maximum Diving Depths of the Magellanic Penguin. 204-210.
Jose Alejandro Scolaro, Angela Maria Suburo
Use of an Artificial Nestling For Determining the Diet of Nestling Tree Swallows. 211-217.
John P. Mccarty, David W. Winkler
Constant Compass Orientation For North American Autumnal Migrants. 218-225.
Timothy C. Williams
Post-Flight Tail-Wagging in the Mallard. 226-229.
Jack P. Hailman, Jeffrey R. Baylis
The Effects of Radio Weight and Harnesses On Time Budgets and Movements of Acorn Woodpeckers. 230-238.
Philip N. Hooge
Response of Mottled Owls To Broadcast of Conspecific Call. 239-244.
Richard P. Gerhardt
Distribution and Abundance of the Snowy Plover On Its Western North American Breeding Grounds. 245-255.
Gary W. Page, Lynne E. Stenzel, W. David Shuford, Charles R. Bruce
Goldfinch Preferences For Bird Feeder Location. 256-259.
Erica H. Dunn, Jeremy A. T. Hussell
Fall Migrations of Alder and Willow Flycatchers in Southern Ontario. 260-270.
David J. T. Hussell
Suture and Glue Attachment of Radio Transmitters On Ducks. 271-278.
William E. Wheeler
Recent Literature. 279-291.

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