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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 61, Number 4 (1990)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


On a Longevity Record of the Magellanic Penguin. 377-379.
Notice To Authors--Change of Editors. 379.
Vocal Repertoire of the Mexican Chickadee I. Calls. 380-387.
Millicent Sigler Ficken
Vocal Repertoire of the Mexican Chickadee Ii. Song and Song-Like Vocalizations. 388-395.
Millicent Sigler Ficken
Natal Dispersal, Area Effects, and Effective Population Size. 396-403.
Robert B. Payne
Notes and News. 403-412.
Differential Timing of Spring Migration in Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks. 404-412.
Charles M. Francis, F. Cooke
Structure of Successful Nests of the American Goldfinch (Carduelis Tristi*). 413-418.
Doris J. Watt, Amy M. Dimberio
Spring Migration of Blue Jays At Whitefish Point, Michigan, As Studied Through Banding. 419-425.
Thomas W. Carpenter, Arthur L. Carpenter, Scott R. Smith
Method For Transplanting Nests of Barn Swallows. 426-430.
David W. Winkler, John P. Mccarty
Marsh Nesting By American Oystercatchers in North Carolina. 431-433.
Mark A. Shields, James F. Parnell
Foraging of Horned Larks and Water Pipits in Alpine Communities. 434-440.
John R. Norvell, Phillip D. Creighton
On Use of Size of the Bursa of Fabricius As an in dex of Age and Development. 441-444.
Douglas Siegel-Causey
Body Mass and Lipid Content of Shorebirds Overwintering On the South Texas Coast. 445-452.
Donald H. White, Christine A. Mitchell
Surveying Woodland Raptors By Broadcast of Conspecific Vocalizations. 453-461.
James A. Mosher, Mark R. Fuller, Mark Kopeny
Recent Literature. 462-470.
Indices To Volume 61. 471-482.
Afo Mist Nets. 483-484.

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