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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 60, Number 2 (1989)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Survival and Longevity of White-Winged Scoters Nesting in Central Saskatchewan. 133-136.
F. Patrick Kehoe, P. W. Brown, C. Stuart Houston
Avian Laparoscopy As a Field Technique For Sexing Birds and an Assessment of Its Effects On Wild Birds. 137-142.
Heinz Richner
Food Flights of Red-Necked Grebes During the Breeding Season. 143-153.
Isabel A. Ohanjanian
Why Fly By Night? in ferences From Tidally-Induced Migratory Departures of Sandpipers. 154-161.
David B. Lank
An Improved Waterfowl Enclosure: Considering Animal Welfare As a Research Priority. 162-167.
Daren S. Davis, Hubert A. Allen, Jr.
Gadwall Pair Recaptured in Successive Winters On the Southern High Plains of Texas. 168-170.
Alan M. Fedynich, Ralph D. Godfrey, Jr.
Solar Radio-Transmitters On Snail Kites in Florida. 171-177.
Noel F. R. Snyder, Steven R. Beissinger, Mark R. Fuller
Birds of Primary Forest Undergrowth in Western San Blas, Panama. 178-189.
John G. Blake
An in expensive Device For Measuring Puncture Resistance of Eggs. 190-196.
Jaroslav Picman
Age Estimation and Growth of Black and Turkey Vultures. 197-208.
John S. Coleman, James D. Fraser
Lesser Scaup Choke On Puffer Fish. 209-210.
Greg Septon
Toenail-Clipping: a Simple Technique For Marking in dividual Nidicolous Chicks. 211-215.
Vincent L. St. Louis, Jon C. Barlow, Jean-Pierre R. A. Sweerts
Nesting Biology of Black Skimmers, Large-Billed Terns, and Yellow-Billed Terns in Amazonian Brazil. 216-223.
Pam G. Krannitz
Responses of Yellow Warblers To Experimental in traspecific Brood Parasitism. 224-229.
Spencer G. Sealy, Keith A. Hobson, James V. Briskie
Aging Catharus Thrushes By Rectrix Shape. 230-240.
Beverly Collier, George E. Wallace
Weather-Dependent Use of Habitat Patches By Wintering Woodland Birds. 241-247.
Daniel R. Petit
Plastic Debris in corporated in to Double-Crested Cormorant Nests in the Gulf of Maine. 248-250.
Richard H. Podolsky, Stephen W. Kress
An Improved Method To Monitor Nest Attentiveness Using Radio-Telemetry. 251-258.
Daniel S. Licht, Daniel G. Mcauley, Jerry R. Longcore, Greg F. Sepik
Minimum Survey Effort For Determining Sex Ratio of Wintering American Kestrels in a Large Area. 259-263.
Stephen J. Stedman
Recent Literature. 264-285.
Afo Mist Nets. 286-287.
Instructions To Authors. 288.

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