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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 60, Number 1 (1989)

Journal of Field Ornithology
1 (Winter)


Sources of Variation in Measurements of Birds in a Puerto Rican Dry Forest. 1-11.
Wayne J. Arendt, John Faaborg
Use of Song Patterns To Identify in dividual Male Cassin's Sparrows. 12-19.
John L. Schnase, Terry C. Maxwell
Time Budgets and Activity of Wintering Snowy Owls. 20-29.
Peter C. Boxall, M. Ross Lein
Nesting of the Rufous-Tailed Flatbill (Tyrannidae), in French Guiana. 30-35.
Olivier Tostain
Opportunities To Help the Association of Field Ornithologists: the Goetz and Bergstrom Funds. 35.
Behavior of a Red-Crowned Woodpecker At an Unusual Roost Site in Venezuela. 36-38.
J. Paul Goossen
Out-Of-Season Red-Necked Phalaropes in Central Panama. 39-42.
Richard G. Cooke, Mark Bush
Territory Size, Activity Budget, and Role of Undulating Flight in Nesting Golden Eagles. 43-51.
Michael W. Collopy, Thomas C. Edwards, Jr.
Are Mobbing Calls of Steller's Jays a Confusion Chorus"?". 52-55.
Millicent Sigler Ficken
Portable Device For Measuring Seed Hardness. 56-59.
R. Jefferson Smith, Thomas Bates Smith
Population Size and Distribution of Florida Sandhill Cranes in the Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia. 60-67.
Alan J. Bennett
More On the Effect of the Timing of Banding On Female Tree Swallow Nest Site Tenacity. 68-72.
Michael P. Lombardo
Distinguishing Morphs of the White-Throated Sparrow in Basic Plumage. 73-83.
Walter H. Piper, R. Haven Wiley
Wood Duck Nest On a Muskrat House. 84-85.
Carl J. Mcilquham, Bruce R. Bacon
Low Elevation Record For Resplendent Quetzals in Costa Rica. 86-88.
Bette A. Loiselle, John G. Blake, Timothy C. Moermond, Douglas J. Mason
Defense of Nectar Resources By Migrating Cape May Warblers. 89-93.
Spencer G. Sealy
Fundy Pull Trap: a New Method of Capturing Shorebirds. 94-101.
Peter W. Hicklin, Ronald G. Hounsell, George H. Finney
Metal Barriers Protect Near-Ground Nests From Predators. 102-103.
William Post, Jon S. Greenlaw
A Peck Activity Record For Birds Fitted With Devices. 104-108.
Rory P. Wilson, Marie-Pierre T. Wilson
Automatic Trap For Waterfowl Using Nest Boxes. 109-111.
Michael C. Zicus
Nesting Phenology and Success of Ring-Necked Ducks in East-Central Maine. 112-119.
Daniel G. Mcauley, Jerry R. Longcore
Recent Literature. 120-132.

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