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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 59, Number 4 (1988)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


Effects of Nest Box Size On Eastern Bluebird Nests. 309-313.
T. David Pitts
Differential Spring Migration of Dark-Eyed Juncos. 314-320.
Robert P. Yunick
Piping Plover Status in Nova Scotia Related To Its Reproductive and Behavioral Responses To Human Disturbance. 321-330.
Stephen P. Flemming, Roland D. Chiasson, Peter C. Smith, Peter J. Austin-Smith, Robert P. Bancroft
Unsuitability of Tree Swallows As Hosts To Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 331-333.
Alexander M. Mills
Notes and News. 333-443.
Nest-Depth Preference in Pipe-Nesting Northern Rough-Winged Swallows. 334-336.
James R. Hill, Iii
Site Tenacity in Culvert-Nesting Barn Swallows in Oklahoma. 337-344.
Sarah S. Iverson
Capillary-Tube Depth Gauges For Diving Animals: an Assessment of Their Accuracy and Applicability. 345-354.
Alan E. Burger, Rory P. Wilson
Length of the Laying Season and Clutch Size of Gray Catbirds At London, Ontario. 355-360.
David M. Scott, James A. Darley, Austina V. Newsome
Nest Site Preferences of Red-Tailed Hawks in the Highlands of Southeastern New York and Northern New Jersey. 361-368.
Robert Speiser, Thomas Bosakowski
A Statistical Method To Estimate the Cost of Flight in Birds. 369-380.
Gonzalo Castro, J. P. Myers
Trapping Finches With the Yunick Platform Trap: the Residence Bias. 381-384.
J. C. Senar
Selection of Horse Dung Pats By Foraging House Sparrows. 385-388.
James W. Popp
Survival of Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Nestlings Unaffected By Sampling Blood and Feather Pulp For Genetic Studies. 389-394.
Peter W. Stangel, Michael R. Lennartz
Population Dynamics and Migration Routes of Tree Swallows, Tachycineta Bicolor, in North America. 395-402.
Robert W. Butler
Longevity Record For the Least Sandpiper: a Revision. 403-404.
E. H. Miller, R. Mcneil
Status of Couch's Kingbird in Belize. 405-407.
D. Scott Wood, Dennis R. Paulson
Recent Literature. 408-426.
Indices To Volume 59. 427-443.
Instructions To Authors. 444.

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