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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 59, Number 1 (1988)

Journal of Field Ornithology
1 (Winter)


Association of Field Ornithologists Joins the Ornithological Societies of North America. 1-2.
William E. Davis, Jr.
Interspecific Aggression in Loons. 3-6.
Ian R. Kirkham, Stephen R. Johnson
Causes of Mortality, Fat Condition, and Weights of Wintering Snowy Owls. 7-12.
Paul Kerlinger, M. Ross Lein
The Snowy Plover in Southeastern Oregon and Western Nevada. 13-21.
Steven G. Herman, John B. Bulger, Joseph B. Buchanan
Time and Energy Budgets of Bald Eagles Wintering Along the Connecticut River. 22-32.
Robert J. Craig, E. Stuart Mitchell, Janet E. Mitchell
Technical Papers Sought By the North American Bluebird Society. 32.
Courtship Feeding in Brewer's Sparrows (Spizella Breweri). 33-36.
Kelly E. Nordin, W. Bruce Mcgillivray, Gloria C. Biermann
Responses of Yellow-Breasted Chats To the Songs of Neighboring and Non-Neighboring Conspecifics. 37-42.
Gary Ritchison
The Use of Thallium As a Radioactive Source in Autoradiographic Devices For Penguins At Sea. 43-45.
N. J. Adams, R. P. Wilson, C. A. R. Bain
Effects of Poncho-Mounted Radios On Blue Grouse. 46-50.
Peter J. Pekins
Spotting Pattern of the Last Laid Egg of the House Sparrow. 51-54.
Peter E. Lowther
Possible Functions of Singing By Female Acadian Flycatchers (Empidonax Virescens). 55-59.
Christopher J. Kellner, Gary Ritchison
A Brown-Eyed Adult Red-Eyed Vireo Specimen. 60-62.
Kenneth C. Parkes
Bias in Radar Data Recording Techniques. 63-66.
Timothy C. Williams
Indices To Distribution and Abundance of Some in conspicuous Waterbirds On Horicon Marsh. 67-75.
Karen M. Manci, Donald H. Rusch
Recent Literature. 76-97.
Afo Mist Nets. 98-99.
Instructions To Authors. 100.

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