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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 58, Number 3 (1987)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Nylon Fasteners For Attaching Leg and Wing Tags To Blackbirds. 265-269.
John L. Cummings
Natural and Experimental Adoption of Piping Plover Chicks. 270-273.
Stephen P. Flemming
Notes and News. 273-333.
Selection of Nest Tree Species By Red-Shouldered and Broad-Winged Hawks in Two Temperate Forest Regions. 274-283.
Kimberly Titus, James A. Mosher
Survival of African Penguins Spheniscus Demersus At Dyer Island, Southern Cape, South Africa. 284-287.
G. D. La Cock, C. H
Interspecific Aggression and the Sexual Monochromism of Red-Headed Woodpeckers. 288-290.
Lori L. Nichols, Jerome A. Jackson
Partial Paralysis in a Yellow-Rumped Warbler May Have Been Caused By a Tick. 291-292.
Don Schwab
Growth Rate of the Primaries of Captive Hatching-Year Red-Winged Blackbirds. 293-296.
George M. Linz, Laurie J. Linz
Fluctuations in Fall and Winter Territory Size in the Northern Mockingbird (Mimus Polyglottos). 297-305.
Cheryl A. Logan
Fat Deposits and Molt of Birds Mist-Netted in Southeastern Peru. 306-310.
Andrzej Dyrcz
Aging and Sexing Black-Headed Grosbeaks in Alternate Plumage. 311-317.
Geoffrey E. Hill
Longevity Records of North American Birds: Coerebinae Through Estrildidae. 318-333.
M. Kathleen Klimkiewicz, Anthony G. Futcher
Morphological Growth, Behavioral Development, and Parental Care of Broad-Winged Hawks. 334-344.
David M. Lyons, James A. Mosher
Flower Destruction and Nectar Depletion By Avian Nectar Robbers On a Tropical Tree, Cordia Sebestena. 345-349.
Robert A. Askins, Karen M. Ercolino, Jeffrey D. Waller
The Effect of Cowbird Parasitism On Brewer's Sparrow Productivity in Alberta. 350-354.
Gloria C. Biermann, W. Bruce Mcgillivray, Kelly E. Nordin
Geographic Variation in Clutch Size and Body Size of Canada Geese. 355-371.
Erica H. Dunn, Charles D. Macinnes
An in expensive Camera Setup For the Study of Egg Predation At Artificial Nests. 372-382.
Jaroslav Picman
Recent Literature. 383-409.
Afo Mist Nets. 410-411.
Instructions To Authors. 412.

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