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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 58, Number 1 (1987)

Journal of Field Ornithology
1 (Winter)


Nebba Becomes Afo. 1.
John C. Kricher
Commentary. 2-3.
Edward H. Burtt Jr.
Reversal of Dominance in a Pair of Song Sparrows. 4-5.
Keith L. Dixon
Autumn Migration of Gambel's White-Crowned Sparrow Through Tioga Pass, California. 6-21.
Martin L. Morton, Maria E. Pereyra
Notes and News. 21-100.
Nest Site Characteristics of a Predominantly Tree-Nesting Population of Golden Eagles. 22-25.
George E. Menkens, Jr., Stanley H. Anderson
Recoveries of Banded Ospreys in the West in dies. 26-30.
Eduardo Santana C., Stanley A. Temple
Unusual Upland Nests of the Ring-Necked Duck. 31.
James O. Evrard, Bruce R. Bacon, Tim R. Grunewald
Vocalizations of the Light-Footed Clapper Rail. 32-40.
Barbara W. Massey, Richard Zembal
Seasonality of Vocalizations By Light-Footed Clapper Rails. 41-48.
Richard Zembal, Barbara W. Massey
Longevity Record For the Scolopacidae: 17-Year-Old Male Least Sandpiper Breeds. 49-51.
E. H. Miller, M. L. Reid
Non-Violent Deaths of Female Prothonotary Warblers On Their Nests. 52-54.
Lisa J. Petit, Daniel R. Petit
Notes On the Nesting of the Common Moorhen and Purple Gallinule in Southwestern Louisiana. 55-61.
Robert N. Helm, David N. Pashley, Phillip J. Zwank
Long-Distance Movements By Loggerhead Shrikes. 62-65.
Fred L. Burnside
Loggerhead Shrike Kills and Transports a Northern Cardinal. 66-68.
Jaimie J. Ingold, Donald A. Ingold
A Tunnel For Hidden Access To Blinds At High Latitude Seabird Colonies. 69-72.
D. K. Cairns, K. A. Bredin, V. L. Birt
An Improved Radio Transmitter Harness With a Weak Link To Prevent Snagging. 73-77.
Brian J. Karl, Michael N. Clout
First Occurrence of Bar-Tailed Godwit in South America and Status of the Marbled Godwit in Northeastern Venezuela. 78-80.
Francine Mercier, Raymond Mcneil, Jose Ramon Rodriguez S.
Recent Literature. 81-97.
Instructions To Authors. 98-99.

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