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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 57, Number 3 (1986)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Simultaneous Territory Mapping of Male Fan-Tailed Warblers (Cisticola Juncidis). 193-199.
Satoshi Yamagishi, Keisuke Ueda
Techniques For Capturing Common Barn-Owls. 200-207.
Bruce A. Colvin, Paul L. Hegdal
Movements of Eared Grebes in dicated By Banding Recoveries. 208-212.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., Pamela K. Yochem
Diurnal and Nocturnal Territoriality in the Grey Plover At Teesmouth, As Revealed By Radio Telemetry. 213-221.
A. G. Wood
Recent Literature. 241-256.
Roger Tory Peterson in stitute Created. 256.
Notes and News. 257-258.
Nebba Mist Nets. 259-260.

General Notes

Observations of Common Terns in Southern Brazil, 29 April-3 May 1984. 222-224.
Brian A. Harrington, Paulo De Tarso Zuquim Antas, Flavio Silva
Corrections For the Underestimation of Brood Parasitism Frequency Derived From Daily Nest in spections. 224-226.
Peter C. Frederick, Mark A. Shields
Recoveries of Sooty Terns (Sterna Fuscata) On Saba Cay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. 226-228.
Robert L. Norton
Seasonal Changes in the Hour of Oviposition By Red-Winged Blackbirds in Southwestern Ontario. 228-229.
Katherine E. Muma
Differential Habitat Use of Patagial-Tagged Female Mallards. 230-232.
Michael R. Szymczak, James K. Ringelman
A Technique To Mark in cubating Birds. 232-233.
Peter W. C. Paton, Larry Pank
Brood Mortality Rates of Black-Bellied Whistling-Ducks in South Texas. 233-235.
Marianna Heins-Loy
Status and Seasonal Patterns of Abundance of Turkey Vultures in Puerto Rico. 235-238.
Eduardo Santana C., Greg A. Potter, Stanley A. Temple
Adaptability of Parental Behavior in the Mourning Dove. 238-239.
Ernest J. Willoughby, Charles T. Krebs
Effect of Laparotomy of Tree Sparrows and Dark-Eyed Juncos During Winter On Subsequent Survival in the Field. 239-240.
Ellen D. Ketterson, Van Nolan Jr.

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