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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 56, Number 4 (1985)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


Wintering Phalaropes Off the Southeastern United States: Application of Remote Sensing Imagery To Seabird Habitat Analysis At Oceanic Fronts. 321-333.
J. Christopher Haney
Distribution and Status of the Piping Plover Throughout the Annual Cycle. 334-345.
Susan M. Haig, Lewis W. Oring
Spring Migration Pattern of Sharp-Shinned Hawks Passing Whitefish Point, Michigan. 346-355.
James Devereux, Thomas Carpenter, Katherine Durham
Notice To Authors--Change of Editors. 355.
Age- and Sex-Related Variation in Size and Crown Plumage Brightness in Wintering White-Crowned Sparrows. 356-368.
Gary N. Fugle, Stephen I. Rothstein
Editorial. 368.
Consumption of Commercially-Grown Grapes By American Robins: a Field Evaluation of Laboratory Estimates. 369-378.
Joseph P. Skorupa, Roger L. Hothem
Foraging Habitats and Movements of Nesting Great Blue Herons in a Prairie River Ecosystem, South Dakota. 379-387.
Eileen M. Dowd, Lester D. Flake
The Use of Radioactive Tags in Monitoring the Reproductive Success of Terns. 388-393.
A. R. Lock, F. W. Anderka
Flight Behavior of Raptors During Spring Migration in South Texas Studied With Radar and Visual Observations. 394-402.
P. Kerlinger, S. A. Gauthreaux, Jr.
Recent Literature. 429-461.
Indices To Volume 56. 463-482.
Instructions To Contributors. 483.

General Notes

Observations On Feather Color Variation in a Presumed Common Flicker in tergrade. 403-405.
James L. Ingold, Charles M. Weise
Evidence For Reproductive Mixing of Least Tern Populations. 405-406.
Roger L. Boyd, Bruce C. Thompson
Fidelity of an American Tree Sparrow To a Wintering Area. 406-407.
Elizabeth W. Brooks
Diazinon Poisoning of Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 407-408.
John F. Anderson, William Glowa
Why Do Cranes Sometimes Fly With Their Legs Drawn Up?. 409-410.
Juan C. Alonso, Javier A. Alonso
The Effect of Wind Direction On Numbers of Seabirds Seen During Shipboard Transects. 411-412.
Stephen Christopher Broni, Michelle Kaicener, David Camerson Duffy
Observations of a Flying Common Loon Carrying a Fish. 412-413.
Karl E. Parker
Intraspecific Food Piracy in White Ibis. 413-414.
Peter C. Frederick
Unusual Prey-Stalking Behavior By a Goshawk. 415.
Bradley J. Bergstrom
Escape Diving By an American Oystercatcher Chick. 415-416.
Floyd E. Hayes, Glen H. Bennett
Post-Fledging Distribution of White-Crowned Pigeons Banded in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. 416-418.
Robert L. Norton, George A. Seaman
Probable Predation By a Tufted Titmouse On a Salamander. 418.
Paul Hendricks, Gene T. Hendricks
Feeding At Night By Wintering Pine Siskins. 419.
David R. C. Prescott
Food Habits and Hunting Success of Cooper's Hawks in Missouri. 419-422.
Brian Toland
Identification of Second-Year and After-Second-Year Eastern Bluebirds. 422-424.
T. David Pitts
First Central American Recovery of Blue-Winged Warbler. 424-425.
D. Scott Wood, Raymond J. Adams, Jr.
Sustained Robbing of American Crows By Common Ravens At a Feeding Station. 425-426.
Lawrence Kilham
Polygamy and Promiscuous Behavior in the Barn Swallow. 426-427.
Richard A. Wolinski
The White Tern May Be Unable To Hover in Still Air. 427-428.
Jeremy J. Hatch

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