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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 55, Number 3 (1984)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Evaluation of Leg Bands For Visual Identification of Free-Living Silver Gulls. 287-308.
J. R. Ottaway, R. Carrick, M. D. Murray
Breeding Biology of the Blue-Gray Noddy. 309-321.
Mark J. Rauzon, Craig S. Harrison, Roger B. Clapp
Eastern Screech-Owl Home Range and Use of Suburban Habitats in Southern Connecticut. 322-329.
Dwight G. Smith, Raymond Gilbert
Influence of Sample Size On Discriminant Function Analysis of Habitat Use By Birds. 330-335.
Michael L. Morrison
A Description and Evaluation of Two Techniques For Sexing Wintering Sanderlings. 336-342.
J. L. Maron, J. P. Myers
Sex Determination of Dunlins in Winter Plumage. 343-348.
Leonard A. Brennan, Joseph B. Buchanan, Charles T. Schick, Steven G. Herman, Tod M. Johnson
Cooperative Breeding of American Crows. 349-356.
Lawrence Kilham
Dispersal and Migration of Southwestern Idaho Raptors. 357-368.
Karen Steenhof, Michael N. Kochert, Marc Q. Moritsch
Use of Radar With a Stationary Antenna To Estimate Birds in a Low-Level Flight Corridor. 369-375.
Carl E. Korschgen, William L. Green, Warren L. Flock, Edmund A. Hibbard
Notes and News. 388-390.
Recent Literature. 391-414.

General Notes

Population Sizes and Philopatry of Winter Resident Warblers in Puerto Rico. 376-378.
John Faaborg, Wayne J. Arendt
House Sparrows Kill Eastern Bluebirds. 378-380.
Patricia Adair Gowaty
Inland Breeding By the Glaucous-Winged Gull. 380-382.
Michael R. Conover, Bruce C. Thompson
Survival of the Common Goldeneye Banded At Emma Lake, Saskatchewan. 382-383.
Maureen Rever Duwors, C. Stuart Houston, Patrick W. Brown
Longevity of the American Goldfinch. 383-386.
Alex L. A. Middleton, Philip Webb
Dome Rebuilding By Clapper Rails. 386.
Paul A. Kosten
Attacks On a Human By a Nesting American Kestrel. 386-387.
Brian Toland
Territorial Dispute Between Female American Kestrels. 387-388.
Peter G. Saenger

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