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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 55, Number 2 (1984)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Sex and Age Differences in Fall Migration of Northern Harriers. 143-150.
Keith L. Bildstein, William S. Clark, David L. Evans, Marshall Field, Len Soucy, Ed Henckel
A Comparison of Two Methods To Assess the Breeding Success of Ring-Billed Gulls. 151-159.
Pierre Mousseau
The Effect of Ditching For Mosquito Control On Salt Marsh Use By Birds in Rowley, Massachusetts. 160-180.
Jo Ann Clarke, Brian A. Harrington, Thomas Hruby, Fred E. Wasserman
Seasonal Abundance, Habitat Use, and Perch Sites of Four Raptor Species in North-Central Florida. 181-189.
Petra G. Bohall, Michael W. Collopy
The Origins of Banded Herring Gulls Recovered in the Great Lakes Region. 190-195.
D. Vaughn Weseloh
Patterns of Spring and Fall Migration in Northwest Florida. 196-203.
Robert L. Crawford, Henry M. Stevenson
Differences By Age and Sex in the Size of Saw-Whet Owls. 204-213.
Peter G. Buckholtz, Martin H. Edwards, Boon G. Ong, Ron D. Weir
Status of the Feral Budgerigar in Florida. 214-219.
Anne Shapiro Wenner, David H. Hirth
Food Habits of Fall Migrant Shorebirds On the Texas High Plains. 220-229.
Guy A. Baldassarre, David H. Fischer
The Occurrence of Hippoboscid Flies On Some Species of Birds in Southern California. 230-240.
H. Elliott Mcclure
Notes and News. 240.
Recent Literature. 265-286.

General Notes

A Technique For Making Least Tern Decoys. 241-243.
Jack M. Fancher
Cayenne X Sandwich Terns Nesting in Virgin Islands, Greater Antilles. 243-246.
Robert L. Norton
Food Brought By Broad-Winged Hawks To a Wisconsin Nest. 246-247.
Robert N. Rosenfield, Michael W. Gratson, Lee B. Carson
Fidelity of Semipalmated Plovers To a Migration Stopover Area. 247-249.
P. William Smith, Natalie T. Houghton
Red-Headed Woodpeckers Defend Occupied American Kestrel Nest. 250.
Brian Toland, William H. Elder
Intraspecific Nest Parasitism in Willow Ptarmigan. 250-251.
Kathy Martin
Observations On Detrimental Effects of Great Blue Herons On Breeding Black Terns. 251-252.
Betty-Ann Chapman, L. Scott Forbes
Observer Recognition By the Northern Mockingbird. 252-253.
Peter G. Merritt
European Starling Reproduction in Central New Mexico. 254-257.
Janice Moore
A Portable Candler For Determining Fertility and Development of Birds' Eggs. 257-258.
Stefan T. Sobkowiak, David M. Bird
The Use of the Tremolo Call During Mobbing By the Common Loon. 258-259.
William E. Barklow, June A. Chamberlain
Violet-Green Swallows Help Western Bluebirds At the Nest. 259-261.
Elsie K. Eltzroth, Scott R. Robinson
Passerine Bird Densities in Shrubsteppe Vegetation. 261-264.
Graham W. Smith, Nicholas C. Nydegger, Dana L. Yensen

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