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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 54, Number 4 (1983)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


Brown Pelicans in Central and Northern California. 353-373.
Kenneth T. Briggs, Wm. Breck Tyler, David B. Lewis, Paul R. Kelly, Donald A. Croll
Reproductive Performance and Body Condition of Earlier and Later Nesting Ring-Billed Gulls. 374-380.
Dora Boersma, John P. Ryder
Wing Markers: Visibility, Wear, and Effects On Survival of Band-Tailed Pigeons. 381-386.
Paul D. Curtis, Clait E. Braun, Ronald A. Ryder
Behavior of Migratory Dark-Eyed Juncos Following Release in the Winter Range During the Breeding Season. 387-393.
Ellen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan Jr.
Organochlorine Residues and Shell Characteristics of Roseate Tern Eggs, 1981. 394-400.
Thomas W. Custer, Ian C. T. Nisbet, Alexander J. Krynitsky
Nest Site Relationship Between the Ferruginous Hawk and Swainson's Hawk. 401-406.
Thomas L. Thurow, Clayton M. White
Age and Sexual Difference in Spatial Distribution and Mobility in Manakins (Pipridae): in ferences From Mist-Netting. 407-412.
Gary R. Graves, Mark B. Robbins, J. V. Remsen, Jr.
Recent Literature. 427-446.
Notes and News. 446.
Nebba Mist Nets. 447-448.
Indices To Volume 54. 449-466.

General Notes

Longevities of Some Panamanian Forest Birds, With Note of Low Survivorship in Old Spotted Antbirds (Hylophylax Naevioides). 413-414.
Edwin O. Willis
Chickadee, Thrasher, and Other Cowbird Hosts From Northwest Iowa. 414-417.
Peter E. Lowther
Comparative Implications of Bathing By a Willow Flycatcher. 417-418.
Edward H. Burtt, Jr.
Reverse Mounting in the Northwestern Crow. 418-419.
Paul C. James
Observations On Roosting Sites of Screech-Owls. 419-421.
M. H. Merson, L. D. Leta, R. E. Byers
Bill-Shoving Feeding Behavior in Darwin's Finches. 421-422.
James A. Kushlan
Burrowing Owl Occurrence On White-Tailed Prairie Dog Colonies. 422-423.
Stephen J. Martin
Morphological Divergence Between Western Grebe Color Morphs. 424-426.
John T. Ratti, Thomas R. Mccabe, Lorfn M. Smith

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