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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 53, Number 4 (1982)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


On Sex-Specific Foraging Behavior in the White-Breasted Nuthatch. 305-314.
Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Notes and News. 314-441.
Antipredator Behavior of American Avoget and Black-Necked Stilt Chicks. 315-325.
Tex A. Sordahl
Measurements of Fall Migrant Peregrine Falcons From Texas and New Jersey. 326-332.
Charles J. Henny, William S. Clark
Recent Changes in the North American Distribution and Abundance of Wintering Atlantic Brant. 333-341.
Ronald E. Kirby, Holliday H. Obrecht, Iii
Techniques For Trapping, Aging, and Banding Wintering Canvasbacks. 342-351.
G. M. Haramis, E. L. Derleth, D.G. Mcauley
Molt and Weight of Some Land-Birds On Dominica, West in dies. 352-362.
R. P. Pr*S-Jones
Nesting Ecology and Cowbird Parasitism of Clay-Colored, Chipping, and Field Sparrows in a Christmas Tree Plantation. 363-369.
Richard R. Buech
Interspecific Feeding Among Birds: a Review. 370-393.
Marilyn Muszalski Shy
Aging Herring Gulls From Hatching To Fledging. 394-402.
Pierre Mineau, G. E. John Smith, Rhonda Markel, Chun-Sheung Lam
A Technique For Live-Trapping Cormorants. 422-423.
Mercedes S. Foster, Lee A. Fitzgerald
Recent Literature. 424-440.
Subject in dex To Volume 53. 442-462.

General Notes

Nocturnal Activity of Great Blue Herons in a North Florida Salt Marsh. 403-406.
Barbara B. Black, Michael W. Collopy
Bald Eagle Predation On Nocturnal Seabirds. 407-409.
Anthony R. Degange, Jay W. Nelson
A Scale For Weighing Birds At Habitual Perches. 409-414.
Alan Poole, Jon Shoukimas
Sex Determination of Adult Whimbrels. 414-416.
Margaret A. Skeel
Determining the Sex of Black-Billed Magpies By External Measurements. 417-418.
Kerry P. Reese, John A. Kadlec
Prey of a Wintering Long-Eared Owl in the Nashville Basin, Tennessee. 418-420.
Walter E. Klippel, Paul W. Parmalee
An Evaluation of Techniques For Marking Cardinals. 420-421.
James G. Dickson, Richard N. Conner, J. Howard Williamson
Unusual Nest Attentiveness of an Eastern Phoebe. 421-422.
Helmut C. Mueller, Nancy S. Mueller, Kenneth D. Meyer

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