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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 53, Number 1 (1982)

Journal of Field Ornithology
1 (Winter)


The Timing of Fall Migration in Yellow-Bellied Flycatchers. 1-6.
David J. T. Hussell
Responses of Northern Harriers To Mobbing Passerines. 7-14.
Keith L. Bildstein
Orientation and Homing Ability of the Barn Swallow. 15-21.
Anthony J. Nastase
Organophosphate in secticide Poisoning of Canada Geese in the Texas Panhandle. 22-27.
Donald H. White, Christine A. Mitchell, Larry D. Wynn, Edward L. Flickinger, Elizabeth J. Kolbe
Migration Patterns For Age and Sex Classes of Blackbirds and Starlings. 28-46.
Richard A. Dolbeer
Recent Literature. 61-79.
Notes and News. 80.

General Notes

The Pikei Plumage of the Least Tern. 47.
Jonathan L. Atwood, Barbara W. Massey
Avian Predation On Winter Stoneflies. 47-48.
Michael J. Hamas
Turtles As a Food Source of Nesting Bald Eagles in the Chesapeake Bay Region. 49-51.
William S. Clark
An Observation of Copulation and Allopreening of a Pair of Whiskered Owls. 51-52.
Dwight G. Smith, Arnold Devine, Debbie Gendron
Longevity and Age of Maturity of White-Winged Scoters. 53-54.
Patrick W. Brown, C. Stuart Houston
Goshawks Prey On Radio-Tagged Sharp-Tailed Grouse. 54-55.
Michael W. Gratson
Sightings of Knots Banded and Color-Marked in Massachusetts in August 1980. 55-57.
Brian A. Harrington, Linda E. Leddy
Cowbird Egg in Common Tern Nest. 57.
C. Stuart Houston, Patrick W. Brown
Chick Shelters Decrease Avian Predation in Least Tern Colonies On Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. 58-60.
Nan Jenks-Jay
Hypothermia Used in stead of Anesthesia For Surgery On Nestling Passerines. 60.
Nancy S. Mueller

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