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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 52, Number 4 (1981)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


The Spring Migration of Western Sandpipers and Dunlins in Southcentral Alaska: Numbers, Timing, and Sex Ratios. 271-284.
S. E. Senner, G. C. West, D. W. Norton
Movements of Juvenile Herring Gulls Hatched At Jamaica Bay Refuge, New York. 285-290.
Joanna Burger
Variation in Size, Appearance, and Dominance Within and Among the Sex and Age Classes of Harris' Sparrows. 291-303.
Sievert Rohwer, Paul W. Ewald, Frank C. Rohwer
Winter Time Budgets of Brown Thrashers. 304-308.
David H. Fischer
Growth and Aging of Nestling Eastern Kingbirds and Eastern Phoebes. 309-316.
Michael T. Murphy
Determination of Total Color Band Combinations. 317-324.
James L. Howitz
Great-Tailed Grackle Reproduction in Southcentral Louisiana. 325-331.
Harland D. Guillory, Jack H. Deshotels, Charles Guillory
Recent Literature. 344-359.
Notes and News. 360.
Nebba Mist Nets. 361-362.
Index To Volume 52. 363-389.

General Notes

Observations On Growth of Blue-Footed Boobies and Development of Temperature Regulation in Peruvian Guano Birds. 332-336.
David C. Duffy, Robert E. Ricklefs
Rat Predation On Bonin Petrel Eggs On Midway Atoll. 336-338.
Gilbert S. Grant, Ted N. Pettit, G. Causey Whittow
On the Slit Pupil of the Black Skimmer (Rynchops Niger). 338-340.
Richard L. Zusi, David Bridge
Record of Movement of a Laughing Gull To Hawaii From New Jersey. 340-341.
Thomas C. Telfer, Joseph K. Shisler
A New Longevity Record For the Ruffed Grouse. 341.
P. Decker Major, Maurice C. Reeves, Carl H. Eisfelder
A Technique For Distinguishing the Age Classes of Adult Bank Swallows. 341-343.
Valerie Freer, Barbara Belanger

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