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The Auk, Volume 31, Number 2 (1914)

2 (April)


Among the Birds of the Eastern Sudan. 149-158.
John C. Phillips.
The Ferruginous Rough-Leg, Archibuteo Ferrugineus in Montana. 159-167.
E. S. Cameron.
Birds As Destroyers of Grasshoppers in California. 168-177.
Harold C. Bryant.
On the Habits and Behavior of the Herring Gull, Larus Argentatus Pont. (Concluded.). 178-199.
R. M. Strong.
An Ecological Study of the Breeding Birds of an Area Near Choteau, Mont.. 200-210.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Does a Grebe Spread Its Wings Just Before Diving?. 211-212.
Verdi Burtch.
Birds of Autauga and Montgomery Counties, Alabama. 212-235.
Lewis S. Golsan, Ernest G. Holt.
Acadian Chickadees (Penthestes Hudsonicus Littoralis) in Boston and Vicinity in the Fall of 1913. 236-242.
Horace W. Wright.
Notes and News. 289-292.


The Gannets of Bonaventure. 287.
Researches of Gerhard Heilmann on the Origin of Birds. 287-289.

General Notes

American Merganser (Mergus Americanus) at Boston, Mass. in Midwinter. 243.
George H. Mackay.
Two Unrecorded Specimens of the European Widgeon From Massachusetts. 243.
F. Seymour Hersey.
The Western Grebe in Ohio. 243.
Geo. L. Fordyce.
Notes on the Habits of an Old-Squaw (Harelda Hyemalis) and Two Lesser Scaup Ducks (Aythya Affinis). 244-245.
Edwin D. Hull.
American Egret (Herodias Egretta) in Rhode Island. 245-246.
R. Heber Howe, Jr.
Notes on an Unusual Flight of Stilt Sandpiper (Micropalama Himantopus). 246.
F. Seymour Hersey.
Franklin's Grouse in Colorado. 246.
W. H. Bergtold.
Sharp-Shinned Hawk in Maine in Winter. 247.
Lieutenant G. Ralph Meyer.
Extreme Emaciation in a Specimen of the Snowy Owl (Nyctea Nyctea). 247.
R. W. Shufeldt.
Another Species Added to the Avifauna of South Carolina. 248.
E. Burnham Chamberlain.
The Arkansas Kingbird (Tyrannus Verticalis) in Rhode Island. 248.
Ludlow Griscom.
Capture of Myiarchus Crinitus (Linn.) in Eastern Cuba. 248.
Chas. T. Ramsden.
An Unusual Observation on the Crow (Corvus Brachyrhynchos) at Lubec, Maine. 248-249.
Clarence H. Clark.
Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris) at Providence, R. I.. 249.
E. E. Caduc.
Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris) in Cambridge, Mass.. 249-250.
Horace W. Wright.
The Rusty Blackbird (Euphagus Carolinus) in Connecticut in Winter. 250.
Aretas A. Saunders.
The Bobolink (Dolichonyx Oryzivorus) As a Conveyer of Mollusca. 250.
Chas. T. Ramsden.
Cowbird Note. 250-251.
A. Brazier Howell.
Evening Grosbeak (Hesperiphona Vespertina Vespertina) at Boston, Mass.. 251.
Edward H. Atherton.
The White-Winged Crossbill (Loxia Leucoptera) in the District of Columbia. 251-252.
R. W. Williams.
Unusual Nesting Site of the English Sparrow. 252-253.
A. Brazier Howell.
Magnolia Warbler in Colorado. 253.
W. H. Bergtold.
Canadian Warbler in Colorado. 253.
W. H. Bergtold.
Swainson's Warbler (Helinaia Swainsoni) at Guantanamo, Cuba. 253.
Chas. T. Ramsden.
The Short-Billed Marsh Wren (Cistothorus Stellaris) on Long Island in Winter. 253.
Ludlow Griscom.
The Red-Bellied Nuthatch (Sitta Canadensis) Feeding Among Weeds. 253-254.
Richard F. Miller.
The Acadian Chickadee (Penthestes Hudsonicus Littoralis) at Watch Hill, R. I.. 254.
Ludlow Griscom.
The Identity of Hypodes Cinerea Cassin. 255.
Witmer Stone.
Some Marshalltown, Iowa, Notes. 255-256.
Ira N. Gabrielson.
Two Species New to Colorado. 256.
F. C. Lincoln.
Unusual Occurrences at Madison, Wis.. 256.
A. William Schorger.
Effect of Cold on Moult. 257-258.
J. C. Phillips.

Recent Literature

Millais' 'British Diving Ducks.'. 259-261.
W. S.
Reichenow's 'Die V. 261-262.
W. S.
'Oologia Neerlandica.'. 262-263.
W. S.
Phillips on African Birds. 263.
W. S.
Bunker on the Birds of Kansas. 263-264.
W. S.
Swarth on Geese of the Branta Canadensis Group. 264.
W. S.
Job on the Quest of the Canvasback. 264-265.
W. S.
Grinnell's 'second List of Birds of the Berkeley Campus.'. 265.
W. S.
Mearns on Additional New Birds From Africa. 265.
W. S.
Baker's 'Indian Pigeons and Doves.'. 265-266.
W. S.
Menegaux's Reprint of the Ornithology of the Echo Du Monde Savant. 266-267.
W. S.
Mathews' 'The Birds of Australia.'. 267.
W. S.
The South Australian Ornithologist. 267-268.
W. S.
Mullens' 'Guide to Selborne.'. 268.
W. S.
Sarasin on the Birds of New Caledonia. 268.
W. S.
Hellmayr on the Avifauna of Timor. 268-269.
W. S.
Shufeldt, on Extinct Ostrich Birds of the United States. 269.
W. S.
Elms' 'A Pocket-Book of British Birds' and Other 'Handbooks.'. 269.
W. S.
Miss Keezel's 'Bird Study Note Book.'. 269.
W. S.
Valuable Economic Reports. 270.
Bird Enemies of the Philippine Locust. 270-271.
W. L. M.
Report on Introduced Pheasants in Massachusetts. 271-272.
W. L. M.
The Ornithological Journals. 273-281.
Ornithological Articles in Other Journals. 281-284.
Publications Received. 284-287.
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