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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 52, Number 1 (1981)

Journal of Field Ornithology
1 (Winter)


Predicting the Sex of Herring Gulls By Using External Measurements. 1-9.
Glen A. Fox, Carl R. Cooper, John P. Ryder
Age and Condition Bias of Decoy-Trapped Birds. 10-15.
Patrick J. Weatherhead, Hamilton Greenwood
The Prevalence of Some Ectoparasites, Diseases, and Abnormalities in the Yellow-Shouldered Blackbird. 16-22.
William Post
Body Lipids and Pesticide Burdens of Migrant Blue-Winged Teal. 23-28.
Donald H. White, Kirke A. King, Christine A. Mitchell, Alexander J. Krynitsky
Sex Differences in Winter Habitat of American Kestrels in Georgia. 29-35.
Christopher H. Stinson, Douglas L. Crawford, Janet Lauthner
Recoveries of Wintering Roseate Terns. 36-42.
Jill Hamilton
Fall Migration Patterns of Wood Warblers in the Southern Appalachians. 43-49.
George A. Hall
Avian Winter Abundance Patterns in Farmstead Shelterbelts: Weather and Temporal Effects. 50-56.
Richard H. Yahner
Recent Literature. 72-94.
Notes and News. 95-96.

General Notes

Age Determination By Skull Pneumatization in the Field Sparrow. 57-59.
Kathryn J. Schneider
Head-Scratching and Yawning in Black Skimmers. 59-60.
Scott R. Robinson
Fall Migration of Peregrine Falcons Along the Rhode Island Coast. 60-61.
Roy S. Slack, Cathie Baumgartner Slack
A Source of Variation in Avian Growth Studies: Undigested Food. 62.
Malcolm C. Coulter
Commensal Foraging Between Hairy and Pileated Woodpeckers. 62-63.
Stephen J. Maxson, George-Ann D. Maxson
Gray Partridge Trapping Techniques. 63-65.
Loren M. Smith, Jerry W. Hupp, John T. Ratti
Sex-Ratio Adjustment in Malnourished Red-Winged Blackbird Broods. 65-67.
James R. Cronmiller, Charles F. Thompson
Osprey Nest Site Characteristics in Yellowstone National Park. 67-69.
Jon E. Swenson
A Technique For Vasectomizing Birds. 69-71.
David H. Ellis, James W. Carpenter

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