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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 51, Number 4 (1980)

Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (Autumn)


An Evaluation of Patagial Markers For Cathartid Vultures. 309-314.
Michael P. Wallace, Patricia G. Parker, Stanley A. Temple
Effect of Nuclear Power Plant Lights On Migrants. 315-318.
J. Ellen Marsden, Timothy C. Williams, Victor Krauthamer, Helene Krauthamer
Band Loss From the Western Gull On Southeast Farallon Island. 319-328.
Larry Spear
Daily Activity Patterns of Breeding Ring-Billed and California Gulls. 329-339.
Michael R. Conover, Don E. Miller
Breeding Biology of Laughing Gulls in Florida. Part Ii: Nestling Parameters. 340-355.
Elizabeth Anne Schreiber, Ralph W. Schreiber
Age and Sex Differences in the Size of Northern Harriers. 356-360.
Keith L. Bildstein, Frances Hamerstrom
Parasitism of Canvasback Nests By Redheads. 361-364.
Lawson G. Sugden
Fixation of Wintering Palm Warblers To a Specific Site. 365-367.
Paul A. Stewart, Harold A. Connor
Recent Literature. 376-400.
Notes and News. 401-402.
Index To Volume 51. 403-428.

General Notes

More Returns From the Guanica Forest, Puerto Rico. 368.
John Faaborg, Janice E. Winters
The in gestion of Grit By Nestling Barn Swallows. 368-371.
Carl D. Barrentine
Communal Nesting in the House Sparrow. 371-372.
W. Bruce Mcgillivray
Chimney Swift Tries To Steal Prey From Purple Martin. 372-373.
Charles R. Brown
Opportunistic Scavenging By Shorebirds: Feeding Behavior and Aggression. 373-375.
Michael Gochfeld, Joanna Burger
Mockingbird's Defense of a Winter Food Source. 375.
Paul A. Stewart

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