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Journal of Field Ornithology, Volume 51, Number 2 (1980)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Band Wear in the Fulmar. 101-109.
Alexander Anderson
Radiotelemetry and Herring Gull Foraging Patterns. 110-118.
Ralph D. Morris, John E. Black
Foraging Habitats of Woodpeckers in Southwestern Virginia. 119-127.
Richard N. Conner
A System Survey of a Bird Observatory: Part Ii. the Processing of Banding Data. 128-137.
Antonio Salvadori, Charles M. Francis
Fatty Acids of Depot Lipids in Migrating Lapland Longspurs. 138-143.
George C. West, Leonard J. Peyton
Longevity of Wild Birds Obtained During a Banding Program in S. 144-148.
Oscar De Souza Lopes, Lia De Abreu Sacchetta, Em
Aging and Sexing Snowy Owls. 149-160.
Bertie Josephson
Origins and Migratory Movements of Bald Eagles Wintering in Missouri. 161-167.
Curtice R. Griffin, Judith M. Southern, L. D. Frenzel
Establishment of New Population Centers With Changes in Migration Patterns. 168-173.
Charles F. Leck
Recent Literature. 182-211.
Requests For in formation. 211.

General Notes

Winter Returns of American Kestrels. 174-175.
Eric G. Bolen, Donald S. Derden
Reaction of Brown-Capped Rosy Finches To Banded Nestlings. 175.
Paul Hendricks
Clapper Rail Kills Birds in a Net. 175-176.
Jeffrey A. Spendelow, Howard R. Spendelow, Jr.
Return Rates Among Highland Rufous-Collared Sparrows. 176-177.
Paul Handford
Anting By Common Crows. 177-178.
Paul Hendricks
An Analysis of the Stomach Contents of Some Sharp-Shinned Hawks (Accipiter Striatus). 178.
Stewart Duncan
Starling Nest Sites and Cleared Land. 178-179.
Harry G. Lumsden
A Technique For Live-Trapping Nesting Horned Grebes. 179-180.
Robert S. Ferguson
Preventing Fox Predation At a Least Tern Colony With an Electric Fence. 180-181.
Dennis Minsky

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