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Bird-Banding, Volume 50, Number 3 (1979)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Trapping Flocks of Chimney Swifts in Illinois. 201-209.
Richard M. Zammuto, Edwin C. Franks
Origins of Ring-Billed Gulls At a New Colony. 210-215.
Hans Blokpoel, Gerard T. Haymes
Winter Resident Returns and Longevity and Weights of Puerto Rican Birds. 216-223.
John Faaborg, Janice E. Winters
Fall and Winter Birds Near Homestead, Florida. 224-243.
Erma J. Fisk
Effects of Banding On the Tarsus of the White-Crowned Sparrow. 244-251.
Stephen I. Rothstein
Survival of Yellow-Headed Blackbirds Banded in North Dakota. 252-255.
Olin E. Bray, Ann M. Gammell, David R. Anderson
Current Status and Mortality Rates of Massachusetts Mourning Doves. 256-262.
H. W. Heusmann
Recent Literature. 266-293.
Notes and News. 294-295.
Request For in formation. 295.
Editor's New Address. 295.
Request For Participants. 295-296.
Honorary Member. 296.
Betty Downs

General Notes

American Redstart Assists At Yellow Warbler Nest. 263.
R. William Mannan
An in valid Record of a 14-Year-Old Banded Bald Eagle. 263-264.
Sergej Postupalsky
Great Blue Heron Attacks Horned Grebe. 264-265.
Range D. Bayer
A Transient Magnolia Warbler Returns. 265.
Katherine A. Goodpasture

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