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Bird-Banding, Volume 48, Number 3 (1977)

Publication Information
Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Intraspecific and in terspecific Song Mimesis in California Song Sparrows. 193-205.
Carol Eberhardt, Luis F. Baptista
Interrelation of Variables in Postjuvenal Molt of Cardinals. 206-223.
Arthur J. Wiseman
Wing Marker For American Woodcock. 224-227.
Ralph O. Morgenweck, William H. Marshall
Passive Dispersal of California Brown Pelicans. 228-238.
Daniel W. Anderson, Lawrence R. Deweese, Don V. Tiller
Survival and Age At First Breeding in the Razorbill (Alca Torda). 239-252.
C. S. Lloyd, C. M. Perrins
Returns and Recoveries of Banded North American Birds in Panama and the Tropics. 253-258.
Horace Loftin
Seasonal Directional Patterns of Movements and Migrations of Starlings and Blackbirds in North America. 259-271.
Harold E. Burtt, Maurice L. Giltz
Recent Literature. 281-300.

General Notes

Toe-Banding of Common Loon Chicks. 272.
Judith W. Mcintyre
A Record of in traspecific in jury in the Purple Martin. 273.
Charles R. Brown
California Ospreys Begin in cubation At a Frozen Mountain Lake. 274.
Charles J. Henny
Additional Returns and Recoveries of North American Birds Banded in Southern Mexico. 275-276.
Charles A. Ely, Patricia J. Latas, Renne R. Lohoefener
Close Nesting, a Result of Polygyny in Herring Gulls. 276-277.
Gary W. Shugart, William E. Southern
The Role of Flock Feeding in Olivaceous Cormorants. 277-279.
Michael L. Morrison, R. Douglas Slack
Nightlighting As a Method For Capturing Common Nighthawks and Other Caprimulgids. 279-280.
Jon E. Swenson, Stan Swenson
Roadrunner Takes Birds From Mist Net. 280.
John S. Barclay

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