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Bird-Banding, Volume 47, Number 2 (1976)

Journal of Field Ornithology
2 (Spring)


Movements of Color Marked Brown Pelicans. 101-111.
Ralph W. Schreiber
Sex Ratio and Sex Determination of Immature Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 112-114.
Richard A. Hill
Secondary Sex Characteristics in Roadrunners. 115-118.
Leon J. Folse, Jr., Keith A. Arnold
Survival of House Sparrows and House Finches in Kern County, California. 119-122.
Marilyn M. Milby, Michael E. Wright
Taxonomic Differences in Head Movements of Vocalizing Passerines. 123-128.
George A. Clark, Jr.
Eggshell Removal By Laughing Gulls. 129-135.
William A. Montevecchi
Rate of Rectrix Regrowth in the Dark-Eyed Junco. 136-140.
Robert P. Yunick
The Dynamics of Seasonal Distribution of Great Lakes Herring Gulls. 141-159.
Frank R. Moore
Recent Literature. 166-181.
Notes and News. 182.
Requests For in formation. 183.
Northeastern Bird-Banding Association Membership List 1976. 184-200.

General Notes

Further Observations On a Family of Eastern Bluebirds. 160-161.
B. C. Pinkowski
Interactions Between Nesting Birds and Carpenter Ants. 161-162.
Richard N. Conner, Vincent J. Lucid
Early Stages in Postfledging Dispersal of Common Terns. 163-164.
I. C. T. Nisbet
Capturing and Banding Limpkins in Florida. 164-165.
Stephen A. Nesbitt, D. Terry Gilbert, D. Bruce Barbour
A New Method For Restraining Live Birds. 165.
Elizabeth Ferguson Schreiber

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