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Bird-Banding, Volume 46, Number 3 (1975)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (Summer)


Weights of Migrants and Resident Birds in Panama. 201-203.
Charles F. Leck
An Attempt To Freeze-Brand Mallard Ducklings. 204-206.
Raymond J. Greenwood
Vagrancy of Neotropical Cormorant, Egrets, and White-Faced Ibis. 207-212.
C. C. Olrog
Development of Roosting Congregations of Common Grackles and Associated Species. 213-216.
Paul A. Stewart
First Experiments With Capturing Golden Eagles By Helicopter. 217-219.
David H. Ellis
Movements of Tricolored Blackbirds Banded in the Central Valley of California, 1965-1972. 220-229.
Richard W. Dehaven, Frederick T. Crase, Paul P. Woronecki
Recovery Rates and Loss of Aluminum, Titanium, and in coloy Bands On Herring Gulls. 230-235.
John A. Kadlec
Analysis of Aggression in White-Throated Sparrow Types of Different Proportions. 236-240.
Jack P. Hailman
Bias Reduction in Bird Life Expectancy Estimates. 241-247.
Edwin C. Franks
Recent Literature. 254-267.
Letter To the Editor. 268.
Notes and News. 268.
Requests For in formation. 268.

General Notes

Patagial Streamers As Markers For Red Grouse Chicks. 248.
D. A. Boag, A. Watson, R. Parr
Capturing and Marking Oldsquaws. 248-250.
Robert M. Alison
A Blue Jay in Captivity For 18 Years. 250.
William W. Judd
Longevity of the Brown Noddy. 250-251.
William Y. Brown, William B. Robertson, Jr.
Dirt-Bathing By a Pileated Woodpecker. 251-252.
Lawrence Kilham
A Method For Marking Young Gulls For in dividual Identification. 252-253.
Francesca J. Cuthbert, William E. Southern
Apparent Brooding Behavior of a Male Rufous-Sided Towhee. 253.
J. Edward Gates, Donna M. Gates

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