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Bird-Banding, Volume 42, Number 1 (1971)

Journal of Field Ornithology
1 (January)


Growth and Calculation of Age For Red-Winged Blackbird Nestlings. 1-17.
Larry C. Holcomb, Gilbert Twiest
The Adaptive Significance of Reversed Sexual Dimorphism in Tail Length of Woodpeckers: an Alternative Hypothesis. 18-20.
Jerome A. Jackson
Some Observations On the Vocalizations of the Eastern Bluebird. 20-27.
Benedict C. Pinkowski
Clutch Size in Grackles. 28-35.
Mary F. Willson, R. Dennis St. John, Roger J. Lederer, Steven J. Muzos
Annual Adult Survival Rates of Blackbirds and Starlings. 36-42.
Don P. Fankhauser
Percentages of Grackles Taken in Subsequent Breeding Seasons in a Different Breeding Area From the Area Where Banded. 43-45.
Don P. Fankhauser
Recent Literature. 51-73.
Nebba Financial Statements. 74-76.
Notes and News. 77.
Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation. 78.
No Mist Nets in Late June Or Early July. 78.

General Notes

A Trapping Technique For Burrowing Owls. 46.
Dennis J. Martin
Sunflower Seed Carrying By Red-Bellied Woodpeckers (Centurus Carolinus). 46-47.
Helmut C. Mueller
Removal of Cranium During Preparation of Study Skins For Later Ossification Studies. 47.
Gilbert S. Grant
Recovery of Foot-Pox Diseased Red-Winged Blackbird. 47-48.
Kenneth W. Prescott
A Melanistic Blue Jay (Cyanocitta Cristata).. 48.
Kenneth W. Prescott
A Technique Modification For Color-Marking Birds. 49-50.
K. A. Arnold, D. W. Coon
Duck Band Found in Golden Eagle Casting. 50.
Gary L. Hickman
Sight Record in North Carolina of House Finch Banded in New York. 50.
J. Richard, Shirlene Cohen
Roseate Tern Breeds During Its Third Year. 50.
Richard A. Harlow, Jr.

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