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The Auk, Volume 29, Number 4 (1912)

4 (October)


The Freezing of Cayuga Lake in Its Relation to Bird Life. 437-444.
Alvin R. Cahn.
The Niagara Swan Trap. 445-448.
J. H. Fleming.
Methods of Estimating the Contents of Bird Stomachs. 449-464.
W. L. Mc Atee.
The Breeding Birds of Southern Center County, Pennsylvania. 465-478.
Richard C. Harlow.
Some Observations on the Life-History of the Red-Breasted Merganser, Mergus Serrator, Linn.. 479-488.
R. M. Strong.
Remarks on the Case of Roosevelt Vs. Thayer, With a Few Independent Suggestions on the Concealing Coloration Question. 489-507.
Francis H. Allen.
Birds Observed in Montgomery County, Virginia. 508-530.
Ellison A. Smyth, Jr.
Notes and News. 571-574.
Index to Volume Xxix.. 575-604.
Errata. 605.
Dates of Issue of Vol. Xxix.. 605.


The Functions of the A. O. U. Committee on Nomenclature. 561-568.
Aves in the International Catalogue of Scientific Literature. 568-570.

General Notes

Laughing Gulls in Plymouth County, Mass.. 531.
W. Sprague Brooks.
Brown Pelican on Pamlico Sound and at Durham, N. C.. 531.
H. H. Brimley.
The Man-O'-War-Bird (Fregata Aquila) on the Coast of Georgia. 531-532.
T. S. Palmer.
Mallard and Black Ducks at Currituck, N. C.. 533-534.
J. C. Phillips.
Dispersal of the Australian Duck (Anas Superciliosa). 534-535.
J. C. Phillips.
The European Teal (Nettion Crecca) Again Returning to Wenham, Mass.. 535.
J. C. Phillips.
Northern Eider in South Dakota; a New Record for the Interior of North America. 535-536.
S. S. Visher.
Sora Rail (Porzana Carolina) in New Mexico. 536.
D. E. Merrill.
Records From Nippinickett Pond, Bridgewater, Mass.. 536.
Arthur C. Dyke.
Early Occurrence of the White-Rumped Sandpiper (Pisobia Fuscicollis) in Maine. 536-537.
Arthur H. Norton.
Uncommon Shore-Birds Seen in Essex County, Massachusetts. 537.
Lidian E. Bridge.
Killdeer (Oxyechus Vociferus) at Lancaster, Mass.. 537-538.
John E. Thayer.
Ocracoke Water Bird Notes. 538.
H. H. Brimley.
Oreortyx in Idaho. 538-539.
L. E. Wyman.
Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes Migratorius) in Alberta. 539.
Wells W. Cooke.
The Band-Tailed Pigeon (Columba Fasciata Fasciata) in North Dakota. 539-540.
R. W. Shufeldt.
On the Alleged Egg-Carrying Habit of the Band-Tailed Pigeon. 540-541.
H. S. Swarth.
Red-Headed Woodpecker at Newburyport, Mass.. 541.
S. Waldo Bailey.
Pigeon Hawk in South Carolina in Winter. 541.
Julian Mitchell, Jr.
The Case of a Crow and a Ruffed Grouse. 542.
Charles W. Townsend.
Concerning the Hawaiian Linnet. 543.
J. Grinnell.
The Acadian Sharp-Tailed Sparrow and Other Birds at Plymouth, Mass.. 543-544.
Charles L. Phillips.
Notes on the Dickcissel in Colorado. 544-545.
F. C. Lincoln.
Proper Name for the Nashville Warbler. 545.
Wells W. Cooke.
Abundance of the Cape May Warbler (Dendroica Tigrina) Around Quebec. 545.
C. E. Dionne.
Mimicry in the Song of the Catbird. 545-546.
S. Waldo Bailey.
Another Occurrence of the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher in Essex County, Massachusetts. 546.
Lidian E. Bridge.
A Third Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher in Maine. 546.
Nathan Clifford Brown.

Recent Literature

Barrows' Michigan Bird Life. 547-548.
W. S.
Willett's Birds of the Pacific Slope of Southern California. 548-549.
W. S.
Mathews' Birds of Australia. 549-551.
W. S.
Bryant on the Present and Future Status of the California Valley Quail. 551.
W. S.
The Austral Avian Record No. 3. 551.
W. S.
Grinnell's Systematic List of the Birds of California. 551.
W. S.
Chapman on New Colombian Birds. 552.
W. S.
Chapman on a New Ibis From Mt. Kenia. 552.
W. S.
Richmond on New Birds From the West Coast of Sumatra. 552.
W. S.
Beebe on New Blood Pheasants. 552-553.
W. S.
Oliver on the Geographic Relationships of the Birds of Lord Howe, Norfolk, and the Kermadec Islands. 553.
W. S.
Gladstone's the Vertebrate Fauna of Dumfriesshire. 553.
W. S.
Horsbrugh and Davies on the Game-Birds and Water-Fowl of South Africa. 553.
W. S.
The Ornithological Journals. 554-558.
V. Meilheurat.
Ornithological Articles in Other Journals. 558-559.
Publications Received. 559-560.
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