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Bird-Banding, Volume 37, Number 3 (1966)

Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (July)


Identification of the Flycatchers of Eastern North America, With Special Emphasis On the Genus Empidonax. 153-171.
Allan R. Phillips, Marshall A. Howe, Wesley E. Lanyon
A Review of the Vernal Fat Deposition Picture in Overland Migrant Birds. 172-183.
David W. Johnston
Ecology of Arbovirus in fection in New Jersey Review of a 5-Year Mist-Netting Program. 183-190.
Oscar Sussman, Raymond E. Kerlin, William C. Carter, Jeff Swinebroad, Martin Goldfield
White-Throated Sparrow Breeding in Bristol County, Massachusetts. 191-193.
Kathleen S. Anderson, Herbert K. Maxfield
Longevity Records of Some Central Pacific Seabirds. 193-197.
Roger B. Clapp, Fred C. Sibley
Ringing (Banding) and Recoveries of Phalaropes a Summary of Presently Available in formation. 197-200.
E. O. H
Movements of Starlings in Relation To a Roost Near Hanover, Pennsylvania. 200-203.
Don P. Fankhauser
Identification of Experimental Birds With the Aid of Feather Autografts. 203-205.
Raymond P. Coppinger, Bernard C. Wentworth
Recent Literature. 208-223.
Annual Statements For the Fiscal Years 1964 and 1965. 224-225.
Notes and News. 225.
No Mist Nets in July. 225.
Letter To the Editor. 226.

General Notes

Cedar Waxwing Response To Mirror. 205-206.
Edith Andrews
Slate-Colored Junco Response To Mirror. 206.
Edith Andrews
A Social Flight of the Laughing Gull. 206-207.
Robert C. Frohling
Twig in Abdomen of a Blackpoll Warbler. 207.
Deborah V. Howard
Recovered Health of a Screech Owl. 207.
Peter Rhoades Mott
A Method For Trapping Cormorants. 207-208.
Richard R. Tenaza

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