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The Auk, Volume 29, Number 2 (1912)

2 (April)


Birds of the Paramo of Central Ecuador. 141-149.
Samuel N. Rhoads.
Notes on Whip-Poor-Wills and Owls. 150-159.
Frank Bolles.
The Relation of Genera to Faunal Areas. 159-165.
Spencer Trotter.
Notes on the Laysan Finch. 166-168.
Hubert Lyman Clark.
A Last Word on the Passenger Pigeon. 169-175.
C. F. Hodge.
The Validity of the Red-Legged Subspecies of Black Duck. 176-179.
Charles W. Townsend.
Birds in the Markets of Southern Europe. 179-190.
Louis B. Bishop.
Additions to the Known Ornithological Publications of C. S. Rafinesque. 191-198.
Samuel N. Rhoads.
Notes on the Spring Migration at Timber Line, North of Great Slave Lake. 198-204.
David E. Wheeler.
Vroeg's Catalogue. 205-208.
Witmer Stone.
Great Auk Eggs in the Thayer Museum. 208-209.
John E. Thayer.
The Least Sandpiper During the Nesting Season in the Magdalen Islands. 210-223.
Robert Thomas Moore.
Further Notes on the Fruit-Eating Habits of the Sage Thrasher in the Yakima Valley, Washington. 224-226.
Clarence Hamilton Kennedy.
Certain Phases of the Theory of Recognition Marks. 226-232.
W. L. Mcatee.
An Apparently Unrecognized Race of the Red-Shouldered Hawk. 232-233.
Louis B. Bishop.
Notes and News. 279-284.


The Photography of Birds' Eggs. 274-276.
A History of the Birds of Colorado. 277-278.
Life of Sir William Jardine. 278.

General Notes

Holb[Oe]Ll's Grebe in Connecticut. 233.
Jno. H. Sage.
The Forked-Tailed Gull (Xema Furcatum). 233-234.
Thomas H. Streets.
Cory's Shearwater in Abundance Off Long Island. 234.
William Tod Helmuth, Jr.
Black Ducks Which Became Very Tame. 234.
Arthur W. Brockway.
The European Widgeon at Gardner's Island, New York. 235.
W. Dew. Miller.
The Pintail Duck (Dafila Acuta) in Winter Near Portland, Maine. 235-236.
Arthur H. Norton.
White-Winged Scorer (Oidemia Deglandi) in Minnesota. 236.
Albert Lano.
The Bittern (Botaurus Lentiginosus) Wintering in New Jersey. 236.
Robert Thomas Moore.
Recent Occurrence of the Egret (Herodias Egretta) Near Portland, Maine. 236-237.
Henry H. Brock.
King Rail (Rallus Elegans) at Springfield, Mass.. 237.
Robert O. Morris.
Yellow Rail (Coturnicops Noveboracensis) in Massachusetts. 237.
S. Prescott Fay.
The Snowy Egret in New Mexico. 237.
W. H. Bergtold.
Yellow Rail in Michigan. a Correction. 237-238.
B. H. Swales.
Last Record of the Piping Plover ([Ae]Gialitis Meloda) in New Jersey. 238.
Robert Thomas Moore.
Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse in Wisconsin. 238.
Henry K. Coale.
An Albino Semipalmated Sandpiper. 238.
Robert Cushman Murphy.
Nesting of the Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes Migratorius) in New York. 238-239.
C. J. Pennock.
Mississippi and Swallow-Tailed Kites in Knox Co., Ind.. 239.
E. J. Chansler.
Gray Gyrfalcon (Falco Rusticolus Rusticolus) in Minnesota. 239.
Albert Lano.
Early Occurrence of the Saw-Whet Owl. 239.
Howarth S. Boyle.
Diurnal Activities of the Great Horned Owl (Bubo Virginianus Virginianus). 240-241.
Althea R. Sherman.
Status of the Picid[Ae] in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. 241.
Austin Paul Smith.
Differences Due to Sex in the Black Swift. 241-242.
H. S. Swarth.
A Crested Flycatcher in December at Cambridge, Mass.. 242-243.
Horace W. Wright.
The Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) at Springfield, Mass.. 243.
Robert O. Morris.
Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) in Chester Co., Pa.. 243-244.
Thomas H. Jackson.
Strange Actions of a Red-Eyed Cowbird. 244.
Austin Paul Smith.
The Baltimore Oriole (Icterus Galbula) Wintering in New Jersey. 244-245.
Robert Thomas Moore.
Many Purple Finches at Portland, Maine, in February. 245.
Nathan Clifford Brown.
Crossbills (Loxia Curvirostra Minor) in Chester Co., Pa., in Summer. 245-246.
Charles J. Pennock.
Lapland Longspur (Calcarius Lapponicus Lapponicus) in Delaware. 246-247.
C. J. Pennock.
White-Throated Sparrow in Idaho. 247.
L. E. Wyman.
Painted Bunting (Passerina Ciris) in Minnesota. 247.
Albert Lano.
Lawrence's Warbler (Vermivora Lawrencei) in Chester County, Pa.. 247.
Charles J. Pennock.
A Palm Warbler in Winter at Boston, Mass.. 247-248.
Horace W. Wright.
Mockingbird Notes From Massachusetts. 249.
Thomas S. Bradlee.
A Catbird Spending the Winter in Connecticut. 249.
Arthur W. Brockway.
Hooded Warbler (Wilsonia Citrina) at the Delaware Water Gap, Pa., in July. 249.
Edward J. F. Marx.
Correction. 250.
Henry K. Coale.
Hermit Thrush Wintering at Easton, Pa.. 250.
Edward J. F. Marx.
Note on Hapalopteron Familiare (Kittl.). 250.
Witmer Stone.
Greenland Wheatear Seen in Massachusetts. 250-251.
Chas. R. Lamb.
Stray Notes From New Brunswick. 251-252.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Some British Columbia Records. 252-253.
Allan Brooks.
Eastern Oregon Notes. 253-254.
A. W. Anthony.
Additions to Birds of Kerrville, Texas. 254.
Howard Lacey.
Recent Records From the Valley of the Lower Rio Grande. 254-255.
Austin Paul Smith.
The Names Purple Finch," "Mavis," and "Highole."". 255-256.
Spencer Trotter.

Recent Literature

Ridgway's Birds of North and Middle America. Part V.. 256-257.
W. S.
Sclater's Birds of Colorado. 258-259.
W. S.
Howell's Birds of Arkansas. 259.
W. S.
Burns on the Broad-Winged Hawk. 259-260.
W. S.
Bent on Birds of the Aleutian Islands. 260-261.
W. S.
Nelson and Goldman on New Birds From Panama. 261.
W. S.
Mearns on New African Birds. 261.
W. S.
Herrick's Nests and Nest-Building in Birds. 262-263.
W. S.
Henshaw's Report of the Chief of the Biological Survey for 1911. 263.
W. S.
Beebe and Crandall on the Undescribed Juvenal Plumage of the Yucatan Jay. 263.
W. S.
Townsend's Captain Cartwright and His Labrador Journal. 263-264.
W. S.
Taylor on Birds of Northern Humboldt County, Nevada. 264-265.
W. S.
Swarth, on a Collection of Birds From Vancouver Island. 265-266.
W. S.
Mathews' the Austral Arian Record. 266.
W. S.
Parkins' Record of Sales of the Great Auk and Its Eggs. 266.
W. S.
Jacobs' the American Bird House Journal for 1912. 266-267.
W. S.
Worcester on Newly Discovered Breeding Places of Philippine Sea Birds. 267.
W. S.
Gunning and Roberts on South African Birds. 267.
W. S.
Hellmayr on the Ornithology of Western Colombia. 268.
W. S.
Berlepsch's Revision of the Tanagers. 268.
W. S.
Rivista Italiana Di Ornitologia. 268-269.
W. S.
'Cassinia.'. 269.
W. L. M.
The Ornithological Journals. 270-274.
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