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The Auk, Volume 29, Number 1 (1912)

1 (January)


In Memoriam: Henry Augustus Purdie. 1-15.
William Brewster.
Some Reminiscences of the Late Professor C. O. Whitman. 15-16.
R. M. Strong.
Notes on the Summer Birds of the St. John Valley, New Brunswick. 16-23.
Charles W. Townsend.
A Name for the Hawaiian Linnet. 24-25.
J. Grinnell.
A List of the Birds of Sedgwick County, Kansas. 25-44.
Dwight Isely.
Notes on Recognition Marks in Certain Species of Birds. 44-48.
John Treadwell Nichols.
Observations on the Yellow-Billed Tropic-Bird (Pha. 49-71.
Alfred O. Gross.
A Short Summer Outing in Newfoundland, 1911. 72-79.
Edward Arnold.
Notes on Birds Breeding in the Mountains of Virginia. 79-84.
H. B. Bailey.
Notes on the Flight of Gulls. 85-92.
William Brewster.
Twenty-Ninth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 92-99.
Jno. H. Sage.
Notes and News. 136-140.


Cooke's 'Distribution and Migration of North American Shorebirds.'. 128-131.
Mathews's Notes on Nomenclature. 131-135.

General Notes

The Laughing Gull at Marshfield, Massachusetts. 99.
Harold L. Barrett.
Franklin's Gull (Larus Franklini) at Philadelphia. 99-100.
Witmer Stone.
Ixobrychus Exilis in Texas. 100.
Henry K. Coale.
Egret in Northern New Jersey. 100.
John Dryden Kuser.
Ph[Ae]Tusa Magnirostris Licht. in Cuba. 100.
Charles T. Ramsden.
The Black-Backed Gull (Larus Marinus) on Long Island, N. Y., in August. 100.
J. A. Weber.
Yellow Rail (Coturnicops Noveboracensis). 100-101.
B. H. Swales.
The Semipalmated Sandpiper in Philadelphia County, Pa.. 101.
Richard F. Miller.
The Golden Plover (Charadrius Dominicus Dominicus) on the Coast of South Carolina. 101-102.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Capture of a Golden Eagle at Kansas City, Mo.. 102.
Benj. F. Bolt.
Duck Hawk (Falco Peregrinus Anatum). 102.
B. H. Swales.
Another Saw-Whet Owl From Oregon. 102.
Stanley G. Jewett.
Occurrence of the Yellow-Headed Blackbird on the Delaware River Near Philadelphia, Pa.. 102-103.
Richard F. Miller.
Xanthocephalus Xanthocephalus in Eastern Cuba. 103.
Charles T. Ramsden.
Additional Records of the Evening Grosbeak in Pennsylvania. 103.
Richard C. Harlow.
The Seaside Sparrow (Passerherbulus Maritimus Maritimus) Breeding on the Coast of Georgia Near Savannah. 103-104.
Arthur T. Wayne.
The Bohemian Waxwing in Vermont in Summer. 104.
Anna E. Cobb.
Another Record of the Philadelphia Vireo From Long Island, N. Y.. 105.
Henry Thurston.
Bachman's Warbler in Camden Co. and Breeding in Chatham Co., Georgia. 105.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Dendroica [Ae]Stiva Captured By a Spider. 105.
Henry K. Coale.
The Louisiana Water-Thrush and Broad-Winged Hawk in Southern New Jersey. 105-106.
Richard C. Harlow.
Western Records of the Catbird (Dumetella Carolinensis). 106.
Stanley G. Jewett.
An Unusually Late Nesting Date of the Catbird (Dumetella Carolinensis). 106.
J. A. Weber.
Capture of the Carolina Wren at Portland, Maine. 106-107.
Caroline M. Stevens.
Carolina Wren (Thryothorus Ludovicianus Ludovicianus). 107.
B. H. Swales.
Waterfowl Nearly Drowned. 107-108.
Henry K. Coale.
Shore-Bird Notes. 108.
Frederick Wm. Kobb.
Two Interesting Captures in Lincoln Park, Chicago. 109.
Frank M. Woodruff.
Two New Birds for Greenland. 109-110.
S. M. Gronberger.
Additions to a List of the Birds of Harding County, Northwestern South Dakota. 110-111.
Stephen Sargent Visher.
Notes From West Virginia. 111-112.
Earle A. Brooks.
New Records From Arkansas. 112.
Alex Wetmore.
Notes From the Magdalen Islands. 112.
Winthrop S. Brooks.
Bird Enemies of the Chinese Cotton Scale. 113.
W. W. Arnold.

Recent Literature

Mcatee's 'Woodpeckers in Relation to Trees and Wood Products.'. 114.
W. S.
Forbush on the Starling in America. 114-115.
W. S.
Strong on the Olfactory Organs and the Sense of Smell in Birds. 115-116.
W. S.
Lowe's 'A Naturalist on Desert Islands.'. 116.
W. S.
Lechner's 'Oologia Neerlandica.'. 116-117.
W. S.
Berlepsch on Birds of the Aru Islands. 117.
W. S.
Riley on Three New Birds From Canada. 117.
W. S.
Swarth on a New Hairy Woodpecker From Southeastern Alaska. 118.
W. S.
Wood on Birds of the Charity Islands, Michigan. 118.
W. S.
Kellogg on Winter Birds From Trinity and Shasta Counties, California. 118.
W. S.
Report of the Meriden Bird Club. 118.
W. S.
Cooke on the Distribution of the American Egrets. 119.
W. S.
Fleming on a New Teal From the Andaman Islands. 119.
W. S.
Rubow's 'Life of the Common Gull.'. 119.
W. S.
Gentry's 'Life-Histories' -- a Belated Review. 119-121.
W. L. M.
African Economic Ornithology. 121-123.
W. L. M.
Todd and Worthington's 'A Contribution to the Ornithology of the Bahama Islands.'. 123-124.
W. S.
Mathews's 'The Birds of Australia.'. 124-125.
J. A. Allen.
Abbott's 'The Home-Life of the Osprey.'. 125.
J. A. Allen.
Publications Received. 125-127.
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