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Bird-Banding, Volume 13, Number 4 (1942)

Publication Information
Journal of Field Ornithology
4 (October)


Notes On A Nesting Colony Of Western Crows. 143-154.
John T. Emlen, Jr.
A Comparison Of Two Chickadee Seasons. 154-159.
Eugene P. Odum
The Life Span Of The Common Tern (Sterna Hirundo). 159-176.
Oliver L. Austin
Returns From Banded Birds: Some Longevity Records Of Wild Birds. 176-181.
May Thacher Cooke
Recent Literature. 185-194.

General Notes

Sex Ratio In Oklahoma Tree Sparrows (Spizella Arborea). 181-182.
A. Marguerite Baumgartner
A Case Of Reversed Migration. 182.
Wendell P. Smith
A White-Crowned Sparrow Recovery. 182.
Wendell P. Smith
Return Of A Banded Cripple. 182.
Ralph W. Dexter
Returns From Banded Birds. 182-183.
Horace Groskin
Roadside Returns. 183.
Edwin A. Mason
Longevity Records Of Finches Banded At Lexington, Mass.. 183-184.
Ada Clapham Govan
Trapping Spotted Sandpipers And Baltimore Orioles With Unusual Bait. 184.
Laurence B. Fletcher
Shipping Specimens For Diagnosis. 184-185.
F. R. Beaudette

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