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Bird-Banding, Volume 13, Number 3 (1942)

Publication Information
Journal of Field Ornithology
3 (July)


The European Cuckoo And The Cowbird. 99-103.
Edgar P. Chance, Harry W. Hann
An Improved Method Of Determining Band Numbers On Illegible Bands. 103-104.
Frederick E. Ludwig
Recoveries From Migrating Bronzed Grackles. 105-107.
Edwin A. Mason
Behavior Of Young Bank Swallows After First Leaving The Nest. 107-110.
Dayton Stoner
Returns From Banded Birds Some Longevity Records Of Wild Birds. 110-119.
May Thacher Cooke
Recent Literature. 123-133.
Numbers Of Birds Banded During The Government Fiscal Year 1941. 134-141.
Announcements. 142.

General Notes

Killdeer Nesting Near Heavy Artillery. 119.
Frederick C. Lincoln
Two Notes On Kingbird Behavior. 119-120.
Richard B. Fischer
Returns From A Nest Of Banded Crows. 120.
Ralph W. Dexter
A Simple Method For The Capture Of Bank Swallows. 120.
Ralph W. Dexter
Unusual Chickadee Returns. 120-121.
Katherine G. Harding
A Purple Finch Recovery. 121.
Katherine G. Harding
Repeats On Banded English Sparrows. 121.
Ralph W. Dexter
Attempt To Increase Number Of Eggs In Clutch Of Bluebird. 121.
Francis P. Nash, Jr.
Two Records Of Crippled Birds. 121-122.
Ralph W. Dexter
Sex Ratios. 122-123.
Edwin A. Mason

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