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The Auk, Volume 26, Number 4 (1909)

4 (October)


A Nesting of the Blue-Winged Warbler in Massachusetts. 337-345.
Horace W. Wright.
An Inquiry Into the History of the Current English Names of North American Land Birds. 346-363.
Spencer Trotter.
Summer Birds of Iron County, Michigan. 363-370.
Eliot Blackwelder.
A Study of a Breeding Colony of Yellow-Headed Blackbirds; Including an Account of the Destruction of the Entire Progeny of the Colony By Some Unknown Natural Agency. 371-389.
Thomas S. Roberts.
Birds of Central Alberta. 390-400.
Sidney S. S. Stansell.
The Birds of Colorado -- Third Supplement. 400-422.
Wells W. Cooke.
The Singular Case of the Black Duck of North America. 422-426.
Jonathan Dwight, Jr.
Notes and News. 453-456.
Index to Volume Xxvi. 457-483.
Errata. 483.


New Edition of Ridgway's 'Nomenclature of Colors.'. 450.
Avian Osteology and Game Bird Protection. 450-452.

General Notes

Capture of an American Eider at Chicago. 426.
J. L. Devine.
Breeding of the Least Bittern (Ardetta Exilis) in Chester Co., Pa.. 426-427.
Leonard S. Pearson.
First Appearance of the Sanderling in the Vicinity of Detroit. 427.
J. Claire Wood.
The Black Rail in Maryland. 427.
T. S. Palmer.
Actodromas Fuscicollis in Philadelphia County, Pa.. 427-428.
Richard F. Miller.
The Spruce Partridge in the White Mountains. 428-429.
Nathan Clifford Brown.
The Passenger Pigeon -- Only One Pair Left. 429.
Ruthven Deane.
The Black Gyrfalcon in Connecticut. 429-430.
Jno H. Sage.
European Starling Nesting at Princeton, New Jersey. 430.
Bruce Horsfall.
The Acadian Flycatcher in Ontario. 430.
W. E. Saunders.
The Meadowlark in Maine, and Other Notes. 430-432.
Fannie Hardy Eckstorm.
The Grasshopper Sparrow at Ottawa, Ontario. 432.
G. Eifrig.
Note on the Red Crossbill and the Pine Finch in South Carolina. 432.
Nathan Clifford Brown.
The Prairie Warbler (Dendroica Discolor) in Northern Ontario. 432-433.
G. Eifrig.
Breeding of the Mockingbird Near Boston. 433-434.
Francis H. Allen.
The Carolina Wren in Washtenaw County, Michigan. 434.
A. D. Tinker.
Brown Creepers Nesting Near St. Louis. 434-435.
Norman Dew. Betts.
A Colony of Hermit Thrushes at Yaphank, Long Island, N.Y.. 435-436.
Wm. T. Davis.
North Carolina Notes. 436-437.
H. H. Brimley.
Notes From Crawford Notch, N. H.. 437.
Richard Merrill Marble.
Additions to the List of Birds of Allegany and Garrett Counties, Western Maryland. 437-438.
G. Eifrig.
The Food of Several Maine Water-Birds. 438-440.
Arthur H. Norton.
Hybridism and Generic Characters in the Trochilid[Ae]. 440-442.
Robert Ridgway.

Recent Literature

Cory's 'The Birds of Illinois and Wisconsin.'. 442-443.
J. A. Allen.
Wrights' 'Birds of the Boston Public Garden.'. 443-444.
J. A. Allen.
Hersey and Rockwell on the Birds of the Barr Lake District, Colorado. 445.
J. A. Allen.
Mcgregor on Birds From Northern Mindanao. 445.
J. A. Allen.
Mcgregor on Philippine Ornithological Literature. 445-446.
J. A. Allen.
Marble on Birds of New Hampshire. 446.
J. A. Allen.
Reed's 'Bird Guide.'. 446.
J. A. Allen.
Cherrie on New Birds From the Orinoco Region and Trinidad?. 446.
J. A. Allen.
Miller's Experiment in the Colonization of the House Martin. 446-447.
J. A. Allen.
Wolcott's Analysis of the Bird Fauna of Nebraska. 447-448.
J. A. Allen.
Publications Received. 448-449.
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