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The Auk, Volume 26, Number 2 (1909)

2 (April)


The Position of Birds' Feet in Flight. 109-116.
Charles W. Townsend.
Ornithological Miscellany From Audubon Wardens. 116-128.
B. S. Bowdish.
Notes on the Summer Birds of Northern Georgia. 129-137.
Arthur H. Howell.
The Tagging of Wild Birds As a Means of Studying Their Movements. 137-143.
Leon J. Cole.
A List of the Birds of Western South Dakota. 144-153.
Stephen Sargent Visher.
Barrow's Golden-Eye in Massachusetts. 153-164.
William Brewster.
The Habitat Groups of North American Birds in the American Museum of Natural History. 165-174.
J. A. Allen.
Something More About Black Ducks. 175-179.
William Brewster.
New Records and Important Range Extensions of Colorado Birds. 180-185.
Merritt Cary.
Notes and News. 218-220.


Where the Skeletons of American Birds May Be Studied. 217-218.

General Notes

A Recent Instance of the Occurrence of the White Pelican (Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos) in Massachusetts. 185-186.
William Brewster.
The European Widgeon in Rhode Island. 186-188.
William Brewster.
Snow Geese in Massachusetts. 188-189.
William Brewster.
Another Ohio Record for Oidemia Deglandi. 189.
W. F. Henninger.
The Masked Duck--A Correction. 189.
Isaac F. Arnow.
The Little Blue Heron in New Jersey. 189-190.
R. C. Harlow.
The Black Rail (Creciscus Jamaicensis) in the District of Columbia. 190.
T. S. Palmer.
The Yellow Rail at Salem, New Jersey. 190.
R. C. Harlow.
Occurrence of the Whimbrel (Numenius Ph[Oe]Opus) Off the Coast of Nova Scotia. 190-191.
William Brewster.
Wild Turkey (Meleagris Gallopavo). 191.
A. H. Felger.
Capture of a Bald Eagle Near Chicago, Ill.. 191.
Thorne C. Taylor, Hubbard Woods, Walter T. Fisher.
The Prairie Falcon (Falco Mexicanus) in Western Minnesota. 191-192.
Thos. S. Roberts.
Agelaius Ph[Oe]Niceus Fortis in Louisiana. 192.
Arthur H. Howell.
Pine Siskins and Winter Bobolinks. 192-193.
J. Claire Wood.
Evening Grosbeaks Again in Massachusetts. 194.
William Brewster.
The Cardinal at Ipswich, Mass. 194-195.
Frank A. Brown.
The Carolina Wren at New Haven, Conn. 195.
Clifford H. Pangburn.
Dendroica Discolor and Dendroica Vigorsi in Eastern Massachusetts in Winter. 195.
F. B. Mckechnie.
Breeding of the Louisiana Water-Thrush in Philadelphia. 195-196.
Richard C. Harlow.
A Spring Record for Bicknell's Thrush on Long Island. 196.
Geo. K. Cherrie.
Albino Robins. 196-198.
W. H. Bergtold.
Unusual Dates for Some Birds at New Haven, Conn. 198.
Clifford H. Pangburn.
Unusual Records for Massachusetts. 198-199.
Sidney F. Blake.
Massachusetts Bird Notes. 199-200.
F. B. Mckechnie.
Three New Records for the State of Washington and One for Oregon. 200.
J. H. Bowles.
Labrador Notes. 201.
Charles W. Townsend.

Recent Literature

Grinnell's 'The Biota of the San Bernardino Mountains.'. 202-203.
J. A. Allen.
Grinnell on Birds of Southeastern Alaska. 203-204.
J. A. Allen.
Grinnell on Birds Observed at Salton Sea. 204-205.
J. A. Allen.
Chapman on the Life-Histories of the Booby and Man-O'-War Bird. 205.
J. A. Allen.
Oberholser's Revision of the Kingfishers of the Genus Ramphalcyon. 206.
J. A. Allen.
Warren on Birds of Montrose County, Colorado. 206.
J. A. Allen.
Sclater on the Winter Birds of Colorado. 206.
J. A. Allen.
Wetmore's Notes on Some Northern Arizona Birds. 206.
J. A. Allen.
Oberholser's List of Alabama Birds. 206.
J. A. Allen.
Van Oort's Avifauna of the Netherlands. 207.
J. A. Allen.
Hartert's 'Die V. 207.
J. A. Allen.
Count Von Berlepsch on the Birds of Cayenne. 207-208.
J. A. Allen.
'Cassinia.'. 208-209.
J. A. Allen.
Stone's 'A Review of the Genus Piaya Lesson.'. 209.
J. A. Allen.
Watson's 'The Behavior of Noddy and Sooty Terns.'. 209-214.
J. A. Allen.
Publications Received. 214-216.
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